Cura profile?

  • Does anyone have a working tuned pulse cura profile? As much as I’d like to use mattercontrol for slicing. Cura just has a more robust set of options and better support options. Just want to slice it in cura and print the gcode from MC (or if it’s even possible to print from cura)

  • I really hope that someone figures this out soon, Cura is what I use with my other 6 printers and it is fast for slicing. the MC program is super slow, I don't understand why.

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    @barnes-jonathan @kagekitsune If you want to set up a Cura profile, then add a custom printer into Cura and place the Pulse machine settings into the profile. Make sure to include the Pulse start and end g-code into the profile to ensure that the printer homes to the correct location.

  • so in the cura profile at the start code i remove everything and put this in?
    G28 ; home all axes
    M104 S[temperature]

    and the same for the end code?

    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    G28 Z0
    M84 ; disable motors

    is there anything else thats needed? thanks for the help scott

  • I got it to work in Cura 3.4.1
    the parts I was missing was adjusting the stainless set screw at the top right of the printer to move the print head down (z axis) until it was the correct offset from the print bed.
    second part I was missing, was I had an undefined temperature in my Gcode. M104 S[temperature]
    my G code ignorance didn't realize I needed to put the temperature after M104 S
    so I am using M104 S214

    its working great.
    my next goal is to adjust that stainless hex bolt on my other three pulse printers with the hope of using one profile for the four printers (I am in an educational setting and having four different profiles, one for each printer, is not easy to manage.

  • I had to slightly modify one of the spacer nuts on the back left of the bed. I removed it, and filed it down with three passes on both ends with a metal file. reinstalled it, and now the first layer is printing perfect.

  • There is also a "z offset" setting in cura that will do just what it says.

    When I setup my pulse I use mattercontrol auto level to learn what the z offset is then I use that as a starting point in cura and then do some test prints and finetune the z offset value.

  • @dirtbikes987 Where did you see the z-offset from mattercontrol after bed leveling?

    Also has anyone got a gcode version of auto bed leveling working?

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