• RE: Peopoly Moai 200, resin creeping under fep layer

    Hey David,

    It looks like you may have already reached out to us on our support email but to touch base on what you have here. I would say that it is likely an incorrectly installed FEP sheet in the vat, we have noticed this out of the first batch and as we continue to record data on the Moai 200 we will send the information back to Peopoly for adjustments in their production. For now, I would say to disassemble the vat and clean out all the resin with water and alcohol, from there reassembling the vat with one of the replacement FEP sheets included in the accessories.

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  • RE: Print timings out of sync? Unable to cancel prints?

    The calculations of time are based on a number of factors in the print settings but can sometimes the settings affect each other and result in a compounding effect. For the moment our time calculations are going to be off from the realistic time until we are able to find all the different reasons for the variations. I have seen the same thing in almost every printer I have supported in the past including the Zortrax M200, Up Plus (using up software 1.7x), ect. It takes some time and is not super important so this adjustment is always one step behind actual print stopping bugs.

    As for the software not canceling the print correctly, this is something we may need to take a look at. The printer, as long as it is still connected to the computer, should have stopped after it reached the inserted line of code to stop the printer. This could take a few seconds to a minute if the G-Code command is quite long for the operation it is currently on. If you are needing to close MatterControl to get the printer to stop then I would ask what version of MatterControl you are on. It seems that one function may be causing all the issues noted relating to this and updating MC or reinstalling it after wiping out the AppData folder may be in order.

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  • RE: Printhead moves to wrong corner after print, grinds belt.

    @mpirringer said in Printhead moves to wrong corner after print, grinds belt.:

    Try this - this is my end code on my pulse
    ; Retract and move away
    G1 E-[retract_length] F1200
    G0 X5 Y210 F[travel_speed]
    G28 Z0

    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    M140 S0 ; turn off heat bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off layer fan

    M84 ; disable motors

    I do not recommend copying a persons G-Code from their profile directly unless that person has the same printer. In this case, the user Soapbox1858 has a different unit than the pulse. User Brentwright has a pulse but we were aware of the issue, which at this point should be resolved.

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  • RE: Slic3r Bed leveling for pulse?

    Martin, I will have no problem answering your questions here but they need to be in a coherent structure, you seem to be bouncing around in your thoughts randomly which makes this rather difficult to answer for you. Restructure the questions and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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  • RE: I can print using Simplify 3D, but not in MatterControl

    You could try to power cycle the printer after closing S3D out, it may be that because of closing the process for S3D that the printer did not necessarily drop the connection so the COM port is still active and MatterControl cannot connect into the system.

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  • RE: Mini 2 and Z-axis lock?

    So the Mini 1 and Mini 2 have the same bed leveling system. Neither is adjustable by the user, both use the 4 points offset at the corners. The Lulzbot mini is a solid printer as is the Ultimaker, I think it is more of a question of, if you are going to be running anything other than PLA and PETG, is it easier to replace a nozzle or a tool head? The Ultimaker is going to be more cost effective in the long run because of the ability to replace just the nozzle with hardened ones or other sizes whereas the Lulzbot may require replacement of the tool head depending on a number of factors.

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  • RE: Strange Printing Problem

    When it comes to shifting like this, it is less likely that the nozzle is hitting anything. A singular shift or massive shift is normally associated with a nozzle hit but gradual shifts that are consistent are more likely to be hardware associated by way of the gantry.

    Check the following areas of your printer and tighten as you see fit:

    • Belt tension
    • Set screws on the pulley's (most likely option)

    It is possible that due to the high amount of infill that the part is lifting up and catching the nozzle but the direction of the shift versus the part's clean look on the lower side of the screen indicate this is not the nozzle hitting the model.

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  • RE: Change Bed Size

    You can find the bed size under the printer settings.

    Here is a little video that shows it.

    alt text

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  • RE: Creality 10 and Ender 3 printer

    You need to export as gcode to get the results you are looking for.

    alt text

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  • RE: Orion Delta printer calibration Issues with software bed leveling

    The problem is probably that the firmware does not allow the printer to go below z 0. You can disable this in the firmware or increase the height that the printer thinks it is (in firmware) so that the nozzle can get down to the bed everywhere and still be above z 0.

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