• RE: Bad prints in pulse XE with lots of support structure.

    @rbradford1111 I removed one sentence from your comment. You're free to criticize and complain on the forum, but you don't need to use offensive language to do so.

    Sorry you're upset with the printer. I'm happy to help with any specific issue.

    As for the fan "issue", the Azteeg board and the BSD drivers are rated for well above what they are running at. Active cooling is simply not necessary - even in a passively heated enclosure. The Prusa, which you are fond of, doesn't have a case fan and the Einsy Rambo 2130 drivers run significantly hotter than the Azteeg with 2660 drivers. Further, there are giant heat sinks on the 2660 drivers - and no heat sinks on the 2130 drivers.

    I'm really not sure why this is a problem. If you have evidence of heat causing issues with the electronics, please let us know and we'll take a look immediately. Life is hard enough as it is, though, so there's no need to create problems that don't exist.

    If you want to add a fan, go for it. There are a few 5v options, as well as 24v options. I responded to one of your other threads with more information about that.

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  • RE: Latest MatterControl Pro stable

    We would love to look into what might be the problem. If you are willing, you can zip the following files and send them to me @matterhackers.com (NOTE: you will need to go to your actual username):

    C:\Users\ Your Windows User Name \AppData\Local\MatterControl\MatterControl.db
    C:\Users\ Your Windows User Name \AppData\Local\MatterControl\data\default.mcp
    C:\Users\ Your Windows User Name \AppData\Local\MatterControl\Profiles\ Your MC User Name \opentabs.json

    If you just want to try to get things working your can reset your app data.

    Hope that helps.

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  • RE: adding board cooling fan to azteeg x5 gt ?

    You can cool the board if you'd like, but it shouldn't be necessary - even in summer temperatures. The BSD drivers are rated for 2.4a without cooling, and they are only running at 1.1a
    The board itself should have no issues unless you're above 60C ambient.

    If you want to run a 24v fan, you can connect it to the 12v/GND pins right next to pin C39. The screen printing says 12v, but it should be PSU voltage - which is 24v.

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  • RE: Custom autolevel method not working

    Thanks for the feedback. We have created an issue for both these issues and will get them fixed.

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  • RE: Using the scale function

    This might seem a bit complicated but it will accomplish what you are asking.

    • Add your part to the bed
    • Add a measure tools to the bed (the yellow arrows in the tool bar)
    • Measure the inside of your part that you want to change
    • Group the measure tool and your part together
    • Right click and add a Modify -> Transform -> Scale to the group
    • Switch to Percentage
    • Turn off Lock Proportions
    • Adjust the Width and Depth by the same percentage to get the size you want
    • The size will show on the measure tools

    All this will be easier in the future. The measure tool will automatically stay with your part and the scale tool is going to get a lock proportions for xy (as this questions shows the need).


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  • RE: Mattercontrol shutting off 2nd hotend

    If you submit an issue to support with the profile and the things you are trying to print, we'll be happy to look into it.

    Here is how to export the profile.

    And the best way to share the print is to save it to your cloud library and then send a share code in the support ticket.

    You can also add all the same stuff to GitHub if that is easier for you.

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  • RE: Wipe tower position

    You can:

    • Insert a cylinder
    • Right click it
    • Select Modify
    • Select Printing
    • Select Convert to Wipe Tower

    With this method you can define both the shape and the position of the wipe tower. The tower will stop printing as soon as no more transition are required and the top of the shape will continue to be projected up as long as there is a need for more tower (even if the original shape is short).

    Hope that helps

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  • New MatterControl release - May 10th, 2021

    MatterControl 2.21.5 (May, 10, 2021)

    Windows Download

    Mac Download


    • Features
      • Zoom to mouse cursor (thanks to visdauas for his work)
        Zoom To Cursor
      • Curve Tool now has angle and improve help
        Curve Tool
      • Measure tool shows size
        Measure Tool
      • New Description Tool
        Description Tool
      • New Edge Controls
        Edge Controls
      • Improved merge overlapping lines in slicer
      • More warning messages for bad settings
      • Measure lines always in front
      • New and improved DesignApps folder and items
    • Bugs fixed:
      • Parts sheets working again
      • Fixed bad moves when path planning supports
      • Fixed bad transparency when looking up from the bed
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  • RE: MatterControl can't be installed because its digital signature is invalid on a MAC

    If you had an old build you may need to remove it before you can install the new one. Don't know why, but we have seen it happen.

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  • RE: Pulse XE MatterControl Issues with new Apple M1 and initial review

    This should be fixed in the current build.

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