• RE: MatterControl 2.19.2 - Release Candidate

    Thanks for the feedback. We have an issue in GitHub for the re-slicing and will git it fixed for the next release. We are also working to improve support, now that we have this new system.

    You should still be able to create support everywhere. If there is a specific model that is not generating support correctly, filing an issue in GitHub and attaching or linking to the model is the best way to let the developers know.

    We know you come to depend on our software working correctly, and that it is very problematic when there are bugs. We will work to correct these things as soon as possible.

    Thanks again, Lars.

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  • RE: MatterControl 2.19.2 - Release Candidate

    You can toggle an object to be support with the button (while the object is selected).

    support toggle

    Or you can generate support columns with the drop down menu.

    generate support

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  • RE: MatterControl won't connect with Printer

    Hey @zallon

    So I have seen at least once where the COM port has the driver loaded up but it cannot establish the connection. I have heard that if you plug the printer into a COM port and locate the port (Lets say COM3), from there unplug the printer and the control board may still be available, from there you can uninstall the driver. Then restart the computer and the printer, once everything is back up you can start Mattercontrol then once it is up plug in the printer and turn it on. This may establish the connection for you.

    We know from testing a few other slicers that the issue is with the computer so it has to be the COM port is being saved with incorrect information (that is me as a simple person explaining networking). Lars might be able to explain this one a bit better than I can.

    Give it a shot and lets see what happens.

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  • RE: MatterControl 2.19.2 - Release Candidate

    The new support options still works like the old one with just more options, you can still click the support button while having an STL selected but you can also click the drop down to generate more options.

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  • RE: MatterControl 2.0 Z Offset?

    Hey @HardcoreMidget

    So at the moment both Lars and I will not know how to help you, to help you out we are going to need you to provide information to us. I see the issue is that the nozzle is touching the bed but what is the set up of the printer? Do you have a BL touch installed in the printer, if so have you calculated the offset from the probe to the nozzle and applied that value in MatterControl?

    I presume from you linking the Z-Endstop information that the AnetA8 has the home switch at the base of the printer so the nozzle homes to the bed? If you could clarify this for me I can see how we can set you up.

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  • RE: Print stops without warning

    Yeah we changed what it looks like when we enabled multi extruder support. You will find it in the following location:

    alt text

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  • RE: MatterControl tablet availability

    Hey @BanhiDancer

    At the moment we will not be producing any more T7X's and MatterControl is not going to have the Tablet API worked on for the time being. Our dev team is small and would prefer to work on the bug crushing and feature adding before moving onto a new platform outside Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    We may eventually revisit the tablet function again and put it back in focus but for the time being we will not.

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  • RE: How to print center?

    Hey man, I got you on this thread: https://forums.matterhackers.com/topic/4924/print-center

    We all good to go!

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  • RE: Easily removable supports for PETG

    There is very little in the way of information for printing support materials for PET-G. It might be an idea to give HIPS a try because of the temperature similarities. It may not yet be possible to have a washout support material for PET-G just yet, if anyone has tried it feel free to let us know!

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  • RE: Print Center

    Hey @Space76Ghost

    You may need to reset the value of the bed center in MatterControl, you can find this in the "Printer" tab on the right side of the screen. You will have a Bed Size option but you will want to cut those values in half to reach the center of the bed. It is likely set to 0/0 right now.

    The "Printer" option is activated in the three dots below your user name in the top right of the screen. alt text

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