• Creating new profiles

    Hi MatterControl users!

    The MatterControl team is always looing to add new profiles for the latest printers. If you have a printer not currently supported in MatterControl and have developed a profile for it, please upload it to GitHub for inclusion in our supported printers list. If your profile is accepted we will send you $15 of store credit for the MatterHackers.com.


    1. The profile must be your own original work that you've done to get your printer working with MatterControl.
    2. The profile must be for a stock version of the printer, not modified in any way. Your own printer can be modded, but the profile must work well with a stock version of your printer.


    • Export your profile
      • export profile
    • Zip it
    • Upload it to GitHub
    • Let us know you sent it
      • Send a note to support@matterhackers.com with the GitHub issue (you can copy the URL) and your email address. We'll check it out, and if it looks good we'll reply with a coupon code for $15 of store credit.

    Profiles must be complete, not currently part of MatterContol, and have some market presence. Approval will be at the sole discretion of MatterHackers.

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  • RE: Need release notes before Installing anymore

    You can find the latest release notes here. You can also go to help in MC and find them there.

    There were not any changes that should have affected your profile, not sure how that happened. We will dig into what might have gone wrong there. Thanks for the heads up.

    Below is a copy of the what's new:

    You can find the complete release notes here

    Latest Update Details


    • Features
      • Collecting history data after print finishes
      • Added option to run print leveling validation if printer has a probe
      • Added import of FFF (Simplify3D) prifiles
    • UI improvements
      • Working on new GLFW backend to fix Mac and Linux issues (not quite ready yet)
      • "Just my Settings' working for Quality and Material editing
      • Added a simple measure tool
        Measure Tool
    • Bugs
      • Made Gyroid infill fill to edge
      • Fixd regression with bridging directions
      • Fixed M83 (extrude relative)
      • Fixed selection issue when adding scale to part
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  • RE: Pulse XE awful print quality

    White often requires higher temps due to the dye/colorants used. Before you start going too deep into troubleshooting, try bumping the temp on the nozzle up 10-15C - keeping all other settings the same - and see what the results are.

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  • RE: Pulse XE appreciation???

    Print quality is excellent - especially with NylonX and NylonG. The surface finish with those materials in particular is great because the fibers make the layer lines very difficult to see - even at layer heights of 0.25mm and larger.

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  • RE: Quality vs Material profiles

    Agreed :). We plan to add the ability to push any Blue override down into the current Material or Quality setting (you can push them to default now but it will be better if you can push them where you want).

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  • RE: Artillery Sidewinder X1 Support

    Hey Guys,

    I recently put together a simple guide on setting up a new printer in MatterControl 2.0, you can find it here: https://help.matterhackers.com/article/193-setting-up-3rd-party-printers

    @mpirringer we still do give credit for sending in profiles for printers as well as valid site corrections. Do you mind emailing us a response on the chain where you had submitted it? We are happy to implement new profiles and would like to encourage the continued contribution. I looked through a few of our more recent communications and did not see a conversation with a profile mentioned.

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  • RE: HotKeys, Zoom etc, etc

    You can also find this information in help.

    alt text

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  • RE: HotKeys, Zoom etc, etc

    Holding the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard, tap the "-" or "+" keys to zoom in and out.

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  • RE: Load / Unload Filament Wizard error.

    Thanks for filing the bug. We will investigate and get it corrected.

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  • RE: Artillery Sidewinder X1 Support

    That is not why. 🙂
    The majority of our profiles are donated by users and we have not had one for the Artillery submitted yet. Please let us know if you get it working well and we will be happy to add it to the set of supported printers.

    Thank you for all your help.

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