Mosquito HE Nozzle Socks

  • So I asked support if they had replacement part for the black silicone nozzle sock
    They do not

    The Spares kit I got has 3 replacemnt socks (blue ones) in it, just not for their Mosquito HE


    So, I contacted Slice engineering, sent a pic of the part I needed, They say the black silicone sock I have is not theirs, however they suggested I order their silicone sock on their website. And ... No Stock It look like it may not even fir my HE with the parts fan I have installed on my HE

    Anyone have a source for the black silicone sock that come with the HE from Pulse?
    Anyone have experience with this Slice Engineering sock?

  • @mavin You shouldn't need a sock at all on the Mosquito hotend. The socks do help stabilize the temperature on aluminum blocks. But on copper it is not needed.

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