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  • Some MH Build Resin Prints - Model by Lord of the Print

    These are a couple of prints I did on my Elegoo Mars 2 Pro with the Blue and a mix of Green/Black/Clear MH Build resins of the Water Elemental model by Lord of the Print. The base is FDM tho - it's PRO Series Regolith done on my Ender 3. The resin is super easy to print with, and it gives amazing results. It took a few test prints to get it dialed in, but it's been extremely consistent for a few months for me.



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  • RE: Bad prints in pulse XE with lots of support structure.

    @rbradford1111 I removed one sentence from your comment. You're free to criticize and complain on the forum, but you don't need to use offensive language to do so.

    Sorry you're upset with the printer. I'm happy to help with any specific issue.

    As for the fan "issue", the Azteeg board and the BSD drivers are rated for well above what they are running at. Active cooling is simply not necessary - even in a passively heated enclosure. The Prusa, which you are fond of, doesn't have a case fan and the Einsy Rambo 2130 drivers run significantly hotter than the Azteeg with 2660 drivers. Further, there are giant heat sinks on the 2660 drivers - and no heat sinks on the 2130 drivers.

    I'm really not sure why this is a problem. If you have evidence of heat causing issues with the electronics, please let us know and we'll take a look immediately. Life is hard enough as it is, though, so there's no need to create problems that don't exist.

    If you want to add a fan, go for it. There are a few 5v options, as well as 24v options. I responded to one of your other threads with more information about that.

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  • RE: Extruder Calibrating Help S model Pulse XE

    @mpirringer I find it humorous that you posted an article with this as the first line in the conclusion, "Although short fibre-reinforced composites offer better mechanical performance than their
    unreinforced counterparts, there is still a certain gap between the mechanical properties of preimpregnated
    fibre and conventionally manufactured fibre-reinforced polymer composites."

    This is precisely the point I made. Furthermore, the research paper cited literally only tested CF Nylon for impact resistance, not tensile strength like my data

    I spent nearly a decade doing injection molding. The fact that you suggest that "science" says otherwise about the strength of composite materials with chopped fibers means that you simply have zero experiential knowledge on the topic.

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  • RE: Extruder Calibrating Help S model Pulse XE

    @mpirringer I only provided stratasys info so you wouldn't accuse me of cherry picking data.

    Here's a batch I ran on the unfilled PA12


    These tests didn't have the extensometer installed, so the elongation and strain data is missing, but you can see the tensile strength.

    Also, just to make sure it's noted for you - so there are no other excuses - this is the same base resin as NylonX, but it was natural/uncolored - whereas the NylonX has some black colorant used because the CF is black and it doesn't look good when it's not black nylon to match it. The black colorant is not adding to the strength.

    So please, stop spreading the bad information that CF- or GF- filled filaments are not stronger than unfilled. They absolutely can be - and with nylon filaments, it's a fairly large increase in strength.

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  • RE: Extruder Calibrating Help S model Pulse XE

    @mpirringer You know that we've been using chopped glass and carbon fiber in injected molded nylons (and other plastics) for decades now because it makes them stronger, right?

    As for our data...
    Here's one group of ISO 527 tests I ran on NylonX.

    NylonX has a Nylon12 base resin. For comparison, here is Stratasys PA12 TDS

    So, on average, NylonX is about 23% stronger in tensile than unfilled 3D printed PA12.

    Other CF Nylons use PA6 or 6/66, which have higher tensile than PA12. The CF versions also have similar increases to strength.

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  • RE: Extruder Calibrating Help S model Pulse XE

    @mpirringer You are quite incorrect about tensile strength. NylonX and NylonG are significantly stronger in tensile than raw nylon filaments, and I'm happy to share ISO 527 testing data that shows as much.
    Also, nylon actually adheres quite well to the fibers - particularly glass and kevlar - as we have seen virtually no drop-off in interlayer adhesion when performing ISO 527 test in the ZY orientation of the tensile bars.
    There are lots of benefits of composite nylon filaments. Others, like PLA, don't provide much in the way of benefits, but nylon definitely does.

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  • RE: Multi-Ink Support

    @justinmreina you can use the Palette 2 with the Pulse

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  • RE: Filament feeding after pause and resume.

    @kentishduffer Are you using the controls to manually extrude or retract filament when it's paused?

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