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  • RE: Any ideas?

    I agree with @mpirringer It very well could be wet filament.
    If you are still seeing the banding after drying the material, you may consider slowing your print speeds down by 5-10 mm/s.

    I have also included an article below on how best to dry your filament:

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  • RE: Can't find the networked printer setting dialog

    My best guess here is the printer profile that you have selected does not support that specific feature. That said, you may consider setting it up as a new machine as a whole so you can enable that during the setup.

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  • RE: Plastic type?

    I have consulted a couple of people here and the answers are pretty consistent. The instinct is to recommend a nylon or polypropylene for the appropriate strength and flexibility. However, the size of this model as you described is the chief concern. It is extremely difficult to truly make a recommendation without seeing the model itself. Not everything can be successfully 3D printed and not everything that can be printed for use in an actual application. If you can provide the model or a picture of it, we may be able to give you some more concrete answers and recommendations.

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  • RE: Extruder not pushing filament

    Hmm, this one is a bit of a tough one.
    You mention that you upgraded the hotend, was this sent in for an upgrade or did you do it yourself?

    Please reach out to us at for this one, this may be a bit lengthy.

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  • RE: 2.85 filament

    It could be a number of things really but you may have the tensioner a bit too tight on the feeder to start. Does this happen with every spool or just the one?
    However, we would be happy to help troubleshoot the material with you if you would like to reach out to us at

    posted in BCN3D Sigma
  • RE: Why No support for Anycubic?

    It is not a machine that we have used or tested in house and have not made a profile for it accordingly. MatterControl is open source and you certainly are able to manually create a profile. As long as the machine uses G Code, MatterControll will be able to operate the machine.

    To do this, you can navigate to Hardware> Add Printer> Other. From here, you can ender the printer's specifications and dial it in accordingly.

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  • RE: PET Issues

    It looks like your PET may be very wet.
    Wet material can cause all sorts of issues that look just like this so I would recommend drying the material as PET is very hygroscopic.

    I have also included a link below that you may want to take a look at about how to beat moisture in your spools:

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  • RE: Remote monitoring Pulse XE

    What @mpirringer is doing with TeamViewer and a camera is the same setup that I have at home. Controlling the computer from my phone also allows me to queue up long slices for the larger machines as well. I prefer Teamviewer because of it being free and mostly reliable.

    Now to get it on the tablet for easier control and vision...

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  • RE: T10 not charging.

    Hi, @mindphunk!
    So sorry for the delay in getting back to you!
    Is the unit itself not charging/ does not power on or does the unit just not show a bettery indication with a higher charge level?
    If that is the case-
    The reality is that the tablet is a bit "hacked" together, and that the charging functionality about which you're concerned is actually functioning normally. The battery indicator does not function properly, but this does not mean that the tablet is not actually charging.

    I realize this isn't the greatest presentation of a product. Still, our company name implies a willingness to hack things together to make them work, and as far as we're concerned, it works, albeit not as expected.

    If you did want to reinstall the software on the tablet, I have included the instructions below:

    1. Swipe down from the top right of the screen twice, which will bring up a menu. Select 'Settings' then navigate to Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset tablet > Erase everything.
    2. The tablet will reset; wait for Android to start up again.
    3. Proceed through the Welcome wizard: set up wifi, sign into Google, etc.
    4. When you are prompted with 'Select a home app', click the entry for 'Launcher' > Just once.
    5. Click OK at the bottom right to dismiss the 'Make yourself at home' screen overlay.
    6. Find the APK download links at the bottom of this email. Use the Browser app (globe icon on the home screen) to access this email from your email client (e.g. Gmail) and proceed.
    7. Download the APK(s)
    8. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull up the context menu as you did in step 1, and navigate to the SETTINGS app. Change the following settings:
      Display -> Set 'Sleep' to Never
      Security -> Set Screen lock to 'None', make sure 'Unknown Sources' is checked, and 'Verify apps' is unchecked
      Developer Options -> Make sure 'Stay Awake' is checked
    9. Press the home button (bottom center, shaped like a house), click the entry for 'Launcher' > Just once, and navigate to the 'File manager' app (manila file folder), found in the app selector screen.
    10. Navigate to '0 > Download' and open each APK file to install both the launcher and the app. Click 'Done' when each is installed; DON'T click 'Open'.
    11. When both apps are installed, press the home button again (bottom center, shaped like a house), but this time choose the blue 'Launcher' (with T10 at the top right), NOT the MatterControlLauncher, and select 'Always'
    12. Do not click the UPDATE link until you've launched MatterControl, which you do by pressing the PRINT button.

    From there, all should be well, and you should be able to use the app as expected. If not, let me know and we'll go from there.


    posted in MatterControl Touch
  • RE: Pulse xe belt tension

    There is no specific belt tension for the Pulse line of printers on the Y or X-axis. Typically we adjust them until the belts can be pinched together with a slight bit of force. Push the print head all the way to the left and adjust the tension until the two sides of the belt can be pushed together with only a slight bit of resistance.

    posted in Pulse

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