Gaps during print

  • For several weeks my Pulse XE has been printing with sub-par results. Prior to this I considered it my highest resolution printer, capable of producing really nice detail and high quality prints. But something has changed and I am not sure what caused the change. Prints now have, for lack of a better description, "gaps" in them. See images below:

    Both prints in these example images were done with Hatchbox PLA. The printer typically is used exclusively with Hatchbox PLA. Several months ago someone did use wood filament with the printer so perhaps some residue is remaining in the hotend or nozzle that is causing clogs? Although to me it seems like if that were the cause of the issue the imperfections would be more random. But it seems like there is some consistency between the same print in the different colors of filament shown in these images.

    I have tried uninstalling the MatterControl software and reinstalling, using the stock MatterControl profile for PLA but that has not resolved my issue. Perhaps this is a common issue and there is a solution out there I am missing. If that is the case I apologize but I have not figured out the right terms to search for this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

  • @mlamparter Looks like extrusion problems to me. Heat your hotend and get a torque wrench and see if the nozzle is tight - set torque to proper torque depending on what hotend you have. If you do not have an all metal you most likely have the end of the bowden tube messed up. IF you have an all metal V6 or Volcano the nozzle came loose. If it did you probably will have to disassemble and clean out the filament that collected between the nozzle and the heat break. The only other thing that could cause something like that is something is binding on the printer. But I give the nozzle thing a much higher likelyhood.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, mpirringer! I do indeed have an E3D V6 hotend. A while back I did come in to find a massive blob of plastic covering the entire hotend up to the heat break (I work in a makerspace) which required a new thermistor after the original was lost to the plastic blob. I'll have my techs follow your suggestions and I will report back here.

  • @mlamparter If you have filament up by the heatbreak - then this is where it came from You will definitely need a new nozzle and it is very difficult to get a heatbreak clean enough after an incident like this so you might need to replace it. To clean the inside of the block - heat it with a hot air gun to about 300 C then use an M6 bolt to clean out the thread for the heatbrea/nozzle it is a thread all the way through. If the thread is damaged then the block is shot too.

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