New Location new problems

  • I have relocated to a new office space and have just fired my Pulse back up again can can't seem to tune it back in. Running MG Chemical PETG which I have had great success with in the past. Printing Benchy for testing, left side is my default settings, the right hand one is upping the nozzle temp 5 degrees. I have leveled and reset my Z offset but still get the same results. Bed adhesion is not an issue, bed temp is 60. Printer is in an enclosure, temp average 28C and rises to 35C when printing. Humidity is below 10% and the filament is coming straight out of the dryer.

    0_1612298746584_Port side.jpg
    black spot is felt pen...

    Bow view


    I have checked belts and nuts and bolts with nothing obvious. I can repeat the same crappy prints, rotating the ship 90 degrees makes no difference. Nozzle is brass and relatively new.

    So not sure where to turn at this point?

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