Translucent Orange MH - PETG - Having a Hard time Calibrating printer to print nicely

  • Hi there, I had order the Black MH PETG and the Translucent Orange MH PETG.

    The black prints nicely and haven't really any problems with it.

    Its the Translucent Orange, each time I print something the quality is way below par. I am needing to find the best print settings for this on an Ender 3 printer with a Glass Bed.

    I was wondering if anyone has a profile that works great for this orange material on an ender 3...

    I've tried around 240 - 250 for nozzle temp (black works around 244)
    but quality is almost random. I see tearing at times and then I see nice smooth bottom layers...

    Bed temp is 80 - 90 cause of the glass... I will try to lower it but when I used the black, I got warping on one corner of my build.

    normally fan is off on first layer and 100% afterwards, last print lowered it to 75% but the print ended after like 5 - 8 layers and returned to end position. but nozzle had a lot of material around the head.

    I revert all speeds to 40mm. do you... since first layer print was 20mm.

    Please help with any information possible. even if its meaningless.


  • I have printed both MH PETG black and translucent orange (and blue and clear and yellow and red - hope I don't forgot any). They all print the same. What you are describing is probably the filament being wet. Sometimes the filament comes wet and then you get bubbling. PETG sucks up moisture and then that escapes in the hotend and rips craters into the filament you hear that as a little crackling. Also if you look really closely you might see some steam(smoke) come off the hotend. What you need to do is dry the filament. I built myself a print dry out of a Food dehydrator Make sure you put some dried silica packets in the bottom of the dehydrator, I bought some initially and then started collection the ones out of the filament rolls Once a week or two - depending on humidity I take them and throw them in the convection oven at 275 F for a couple of hours so i don't circulate hot moist air in my dehydrator.

  • Oh 245 is good for keeping stringing down and have a nice surface. Best layer adhesion in my experience is between 265 and 270 but then you have to deal with quite a bit of stringing. So it depends if you make a part to mostly look at or one where mechanical performance is critical. And I would not go to 265 or 270 unless you have an all metal hotend upgrade on your ender

  • MatterHackers


    For the most part, the Orange material should work about the same as the Black without needing to change settings. It is possible that the material is absorbing moisture which can cause the results you are seeing currently. If you could drop us a few pictures I could determine if moisture is part of the problem.

    Speed should not affect the print as you would have had to make those adjustments for the black material as well. Drop us a line to as well if you have not already and our techs here will help you out.

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