Unable to connect Pulse to MatterControl

  • My printer hasnt been used in a few months due to being busy with life.

    I go back to it and try to connect it to MatterControl and it will not connect.

    I plug the Pulse into my computer and the computer recognizes the printer and assigns it Com4.

    I go to MatterControl and click connect.

    I follow the steps (making sure that the printer is not connected when it says that and connecting it when it says to).

    When I get to the step that it connects to the printer, i usually get the red error text saying that MatterControl cannot connect to the printer.

    IF i dont get that error, it gets stuck in an Attempting to Connect state.

    I have tried to do it manually and selected the correct port and again, it gets stuck in 'Attempting to Connect'

    I have let it run for 20 minutes and more and it still didnt connect to the printer.

    Any suggestions?

  • Click on printer and then general an see if you got port 4 selected. Also make sure you don't have another program running using that port. You can also try to set up a new printer and see if it finds it that way (pretend you just got the printer and the current settings is for a different printer) Could be something got messed up in the MC settings - it does happen. If that don't work I;d call tech support. Oh yeah and maybe try a different cable if you got one. Those connectors sometimes don't make good contact

  • MatterHackers

    Martin is right, I would set up a new printer profile in the Hardware section. We know that there is a bug with the MC2.0 not wanting to connect up with a printer occasionally. I do not believe we have tracked down the issue just yet but we are working on it.

  • So I tried un-installing and re-installing MatterControl and creating a new profile.

    None of that worked.

    What I did find was that my Repitier server was running on startup. When I killed that service via the Task Manager, I was then able to connect Pulse to MatterControl.

    So, I think killing the server process made it work.

  • @michael-petitclerc
    how long has this bug been active?
    I did an update months ago and then got rid of my Makerbot because my PC quit talking to it. I blamed it on the Makerbot update.
    Now I have a Tevo Tornado. And when I connect it automatically recognizes it as a "RAMP" on the port. But wont act. My arduino wont compile because it doesnt see the printer. And when I look at the driver properties, its a matterhackers driver.
    I uninstalled matterhackers slicer months ago. NO other slicer will work either. Likely due to the driver.
    Your thoughts on this?

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