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  • Hi. I have an E3D hotend that came with my Pulse XE. I'd like to get one of the Mosquito ones with the easier nozzle changes but this is all new to me and I don't understand what's compatible or how to tell or how much of a pain it will be to switch it out or if it's something I should even be doing myself. When I look at the Mosquito hotends available on the MatterHackers website I don't understand the differences between the different packages. Some of them seem to include fans and others look like they may not. Please help. Thanks.

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    What model Pulse do you have? (should be a Letter followed by 3 numbers, like E-422, or D-232)

  • E-223S
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    Alright. You may have the Snap Hot End parts already installed on your machine. This makes swapping hot ends out very easy. To check if you do, look at the wire cover on your hot end

    If you have screws where the red circles are, then you don't have the Snap-style hot end installed. If yours looks like the picture, then you do have the Snap installed.


    If you don't have the Snap style already installed, it's still easy to do, you just will need to swap out a few printed parts along with the new Mosquito hot end assembly.

  • I don't have the snap parts installed but it sounds like it should be easy enough to do anyway. I found . Is that all I should need?

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    Yes, that one will work, but that's not the Snap assembly/style. You can install that one, but it won't allow for quick/easy swapping between different hot ends. If you want to switch over to the Snap style, let me know and I can get you everything you need for that.

  • Oh I was talking about swapping out the nozzles more easily, not the whole hotend. I think this one will work for me. Thanks!

  • @cope413 After talking to the Sales department I think I have a better understanding of my options and it looks like the way to go is to switch over to the Snap style and get a quick-change tool head that includes a Mosquito hotend. Can you get me set up with whatever I need for the Snap style please? Thanks.

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    @bedellkw I have both slice engineering and E3D hot ends. In my opinion, the E3D is better. The first time you get a clog in the hypodermic needle on the Mosquito, you will understand why I prefer E3D. I do not use a "stock" E3D. I have a E3D copper block, I use Sliceengineering heaters and p1000 thermo couplers and a titanium heat break. And I use a metalic nut on the threaded heat sink. To quick change the nozzles I use a nozzle t-wrench and a "thin" 16mm spanner to hold the block. With these proper tools, the nozzles are easy and quick to change.

    Use hardened nozzles only. If the nozzle becomes clogged, heat with a torch until cherry red. This will burn off the plastic, but ruin the tempered steel. With the cherry red nozzle, drop into antifreeze coolant in a metal tin can. This will re-harden the nozzle and you can continually use it this way.

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