Ryno factory spooling issue

  • I started my first print with my new Pulse. I got about 45m from done, and heard a weird clicking sound. The filament spool wouldn’t advance- the filament isn’t correctly spooled, and is looped under itself.

    This is my second 3D printer, but the first time I’ve seen an issue like this. I’ve bought filaments from 10-12different vendors in the past. It’s my first experience with a MatterHackers filament. Is this a one-time fluke, or something I need to worry about if I order more Ryno? Other MatterHackers filaments?

  • @boardsec I have not had spooling problems with MH filament. In my experience it usually is something else but manufacturer fault. Sometimes a spool might move too much or is at a bad angle and a loop falls off or sometimes its a user error its easy to let go of the end and it loops under and you wont realize it right away as even though it loops under it will work sometimes for quite a while usually until it gets close to the wall of the spool winding wise.

  • @boardsec I purchase most of my filament through matterhackers and haven't had this issue - I recently purchased a pulse but haven't played with the Ryno that came with it yet. I'll check tonight and update.

  • @mpirringer Definitely a spooling error when it prints for an hour, then is wrapped under itself.


  • MatterHackers

    It's literally not possible to have it knotted on the spool like this off the extrusion line. The filament is a continuous piece and is continuously wound on the spool. There's no way it can loop under or around itself.
    You can test this theory by holding a length of filament with both hands. Without letting go of either end of the filament, try to tie a knot.

    This occurs when loops of filament get loose and are allowed to cross each other - almost always on new spools when the windings are close to the edge of the spool.

    When you get new filament, be careful not to allow the slack out of the spool. Hold the end of the filament and feed it into your extruder as soon as you release it from the new spool and you shouldn't see this happen again.

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