PRO Series Nylon for mechanics

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    I'm looking for advice on Nylon, I want use it for mechanic parts. With Pulse XE I've used number of materials and one of the best by my opinion is NylonX with carbon fiber. I need to find some material with different color. For example Grey PRO Series Nylon Filament - 1.75mm (0.75kg) 1.75mm filament but I don't know about quality for mechanics, as warping etc

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    If you have printed with NylonX then the printing performance and warping will be very similar if not the same with the PRO series Nylon material.
    The only major difference here is the Carbon Fiber in the NylonX.

  • Have not tried Pro series yet. But had great success with Taulman Bridge and 910 on the pulse unfortunately for you they only come in black and white.

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    Thank you for your answers

    Taulman Bridge and 910 nylons seems popular and successful with mechanics, but the color mostly white and almost semi-transparent, I'm looking for medium shade grey, turquoise, beige and skin colors, color and its combination important, because peripheral elements in my project shows the operation process in an open form. First I want try Grey PRO Series Nylon Filament, most important thing is warping problem, because I have oblong, thin and tiny parts, which is completely successful with NylonX in all respects. If carbon fiber does not plays a key role for this requirement, Grey PRO Series should work fine, this filament looks similar to the grey color I'm looking for

  • A big brim might help. and you can squish Nylon almost like petg so up the thickness of the first layer to 80% nozzle diameter and lower the Z- offset as much as possible while still getting a nice first layer and maybe try some gluestick. even on garolite which I asume you have it helps and up the temp to about 90-95 and definitely NO FAN. Nylon does not like a fan and put a box or plastic sheet over it to keep it warm inside and drafts out that cuts down on warping too. just try to somehow exclude the electronics box

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