Power resume on Pulse C-232

  • Hi,
    Is there a way for the pulse to auto home on power up? The problem is that this is summer and we have short power failures and my pulse is running MC from an older laptop which usually just works fine. Problem is that when there is a short power failure the laptop stays on as it has a battery. The pulse turns on and off and as soon as it comes back on it believes it is at the home position and heads to position xyz which now is a few inches below the print bed and off to a side. Now this could be avoided if

    a.) The pulse could "talk" to MC and say "hey I just got rebooted" so MC does not send the next G command before sending an autohome
    B.) Just autohomes before accepting any G-code.

    A nice feature would be too if the pulse had a feature like the prusa (that its supposed to be a clone of) and runs into the endstops and is smart enough (reads the current like the prusa) that says "Hey I just ran into the bed, endstop etc. I better go home and try again.

    Please advise. Tech support claims it properly power resumes But it does not. It could be easily tested even with a regular computer if you don't have a laptop handy by just unplugging and plugging the pulse back in.

  • MatterHackers

    Hi Martin,

    We regularly use the power resume feature, and test it rather frequently. Does MatterControl prompt you that the print failed and ask if you want to try to resume it?

  • No cause MC did not go down in the power failure only the printer as mc runs on a laptop with a battery. Here test as follows

    Connect to Pulse with MC
    Start a print
    Unplug printer and plug it back in or turn it on/off like in a short power fail
    Watch it crash as soon as the Boot screen disappears.

    Problem is the printer does not say "Hey I am back up" and MC did not time out or something and just keeps sending Gcode as soon as the connection is live again.

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