Strange Printing Problem

  • 0_1555173561763_IMG_20190413_090827.jpg After dozens of perfect print jobs, I now keep having this issue. Any ideas as to what is going on? My adhesion is good so I don't think that is it.....

  • seems like your nozzle is hitting something and gets stuck and then the next layer prints off to one side or the other. You might be over extruding so check that and a Z-hop might help too on retraction. I eliminated a lot of those problems by going volumetric and slice in slic3r and then just use MC to run the gcode and do the bed leveling. Seems my pulse needs mc

  • MatterHackers

    When it comes to shifting like this, it is less likely that the nozzle is hitting anything. A singular shift or massive shift is normally associated with a nozzle hit but gradual shifts that are consistent are more likely to be hardware associated by way of the gantry.

    Check the following areas of your printer and tighten as you see fit:

    • Belt tension
    • Set screws on the pulley's (most likely option)

    It is possible that due to the high amount of infill that the part is lifting up and catching the nozzle but the direction of the shift versus the part's clean look on the lower side of the screen indicate this is not the nozzle hitting the model.

  • Loose belt , overheating driver causing stepper to lose steps , loose pully these could cause this as well .

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