Text is printing backwards

  • So I started setting up MatterControl a few weeks ago and been playing with it off and on. I was using Repetier server and had my printer working just fine but saw MatterControl and thought it looked a little nicer. Anyways after calibrating all the motors to make sure everything was right I started a test print and I printed the word “test”. Well it printed a mirrored image of it. Not sure why it would do that. Anyone have any ideas?

  • MatterHackers

    Did you build the printer yourself? I had this happen with my first Mendel90 build. I had the X motor wired backward and had adjusted all my firmware settings to make it work without ever noticing.

    I printed and entire set of parts for another printer before I noticed. I was trying to build the new printer and kept having the instructions not match my parts.

  • Yes I built it myself and have had it running for quite awhile but I guess everything I printed has been symmetrical or just didn’t really think that it was backwards. I’ll have to check that. Thank you

  • So I have been on bit of a off time with my printer after getting rather frustrated with it. Well I started it up again to see if I could resolve this issue and one more question I have is, is there a way to make the print bed reference 0,0 on the bottom right of the screen instead of bottom left? I have flipped around my motor and played with reversing motors in the firmware but nothing seams to change it.

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