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    Hey @stossell

    The fix for this specific issue has been applied in the current version of the Alpha version of Mattercontrol. The Released version available on the website has not yet been updated. Once out team is able to close out the rest of the patches and feature updates for this version we will have stable version available for update or download.

    For the most part the Alpha version is fairly good and you should be able to update the software through the 3 stack menu in the top left of Mattercontrol 2.0 and selecting the "Check for updates" option. Once in that window you can use the drop down selector and tick it over to Alpha to update.

    (I would normally just post a sweet picture of Gif but my slicer is running a print job and I cannot do these operations while it is running!)

  • I have a D-232. Very pleased with it. I mostly print with PETG. I have updated to the current version of MatterControl ( I still get a blob at the end of a print--but only when print from an SD card on the Viki 2. The same print is fine when I print with the computer connected. I've found that the nozzle doesn't "home" after the print is finished. Filament continues to extrude and creates the blob at the end of printing. Again, this only happens when printing from SD.
    Also, no presets for PETG? I made my own, so no problem. But it's nice to start from a preset baseline.

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    Thanks for the SD export insight. We have a new bug for this and will get it fixed.

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    Hey @patbunny

    Like Lars had mentioned we are working on crushing that bug. I'll see if we can get a preset on the PET-G made up for the Pulse line, normally I recommend to start with the Ryno preset as that material is fairly close to the PET-G Profiles.

    Thanks for letting us know this one was still a problem though!

  • I emailed about this issue about a month ago with the exact exported G-Code that caused the blob. Erik Escudero responded and told me that they were aware of the issue and working it and that the work around is to run it connected to MatterControl (which, i have been and have not experienced this issue although running a printer that has a screen from a PC is really not convenient).

    I just downloaded the latest Alpha release but have not yet tried to export and print from a SD card.

    It sounds like this is still an issue tho.

    If anyone wants the G-Code that i sent in, let me know, i can send it over.

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    The latest alpha (and beta) should fix this issue. This version is due to be release in the next few days.

    Please let us know if you are still having this problem on the alpha build. Thank you for helping with this feedback.

  • @larsbrubaker said in Blob at end of print:

    still having this problem on the alpha buil

    ill test it this weekend and let you know

  • I have this same problem when printing from the sd card only

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    @richmarbury, can you please report the version number? This should be fixed if you update to the latest build (released today).

    alt text

    alt text

  • @patbunny I had the same issue when I ran my printer (D-232) on the uSD card.

  • latest update did fix my blob trouble many thanks

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    The patch was not released to the Stable build yet so you will have to update to the Alpha version of the software to get the patch.

    Let us know if you do happen to still have issues after upgrading to the Alpha.


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