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  • From what I have seen from the 3D Printing Nerd and the 3D Maker Noob, the Pulse is a great platform.

    I realize that this is a Matter Hackers forum, but I would love a honest comparison between the Pulse XE and the Prusa i3 MK3.

    I am considering both of these printers and plan on buying on soon.

    Is there anyone with experience with both that would be willing to share?

  • @dirtbikes987 i have never heard anyone say anything negative about the support from Matter Hackers.

    How do you like your Pulse? Was there any issue getting it set up and printing? How has the quality of the prints been?

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    That is awesome to hear that the Pulse is still working for you! Maybe if you get the chance, you might be able to share what you work on with us here some time.

  • I am from Los Angeles so buying the Pulse over the Prusa was a no brainer. The support of the experts at Matterhacker have been extremely awesome. I have 7 other 3D Printers, Dremel 3D20, 3D40, 3D45s. I like solidly made machines with the best support available. Bosch Dremel is one of the biggest companies in the world and they have the means to provide superb customer service, but the support of Matterhacker is just as good. The Dremels are solidly built and are pretty much fire and forget when it comes to PLA using Simplify3D. But I needed a machine that would print in NylonX and Kevlar.

    As far as printing goes, the Pulse XE is like the US version of the Prusa except it is really tailor-made for my favorite filament, NylonX. My Pulse XE prints almost round the clock for the past 3 months on nothing but the most abrasive NylonX and I have never had any problems except when I spilled coffee on the bed while it was printing. My only regret because of this is not buying the case for it.

    From my years of printing, calibrating printers is always a pain. My Pulse XE was ready for a fight right out of the box. I put it into production the moment I plugged it in. The details are superb and I rarely ever touch the pre=configured settings unless I need to add more perimeters or more infill. But most of the time, I just feed it filament and print directly from Matter Control.

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