Pulse profile for Simplify3D

  • I created a profile for the Pulse in Simplify3D by starting with the Prusa I3 profile. Then I sliced a file under Matter Control and copied the start and end scripts (with some slight modifications) into the scripts section in Simplify 3D. The profile is posted at web4dmarch.com/3dprint.

    WARNING - the profile has a Z-Axis offset in the G-code section of -0.64 which is a value that works for my Pulse XE. I determined this value by watching the first layer Z values for a print sliced with MatterControl with auto bed leveling and estimated the average at about -0.44. A Z offset of -0.64 plus a first layer height of 0.2 gives a Simplify3D Z value of -0.44 for the first layer. Although the auto leveling has a range of values, I am able to get a decent first layer.

    SIDE EFFECT - with a negative Z offset, when you slice in Simplify3D, the first layers appear below the bed when you "Prepare to Print" the model.

  • I updated this profile to fix a problem with the ending script. The original profile did not home the Z axis at the end of the print before moving away. If the print was too tall, the nozzle would drag across the print and topple it over or course damage to the nozzle. The ending script now homes the Z-axis before moving the nozzle to the back left corner of the bed.

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    Hey @dlm4mh

    That's really cool of you to make the profile and post it. Although I do not have an S3D account for work I hope it can be verified by another user of ours here and hopefully all your work is appreciated by the community!

  • @dlm4mh Hi, that's awesome work! Just to confirm this profile works with Pulse XE, am I right? Thanks!

  • @dlm4mh I was just looking at Simplify3d printers, and no Pulse format. This is good to know.

  • @dlm4mh , Is the updated profile available for download anywhere?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey guys, check his original post, it is linked in the text.

  • Is it possible to get the tweaks the OP made for this to add on to his profile? While I think that some of the features inside Matter Control are cool I'm finding that it isn't that great of a slicer as Cura or S3D.

  • Hello, I clicked the link to the profile but how do you actually download the fff profile to import to Simpify3d?

  • @flameball521 Right click on the Pulse.fff file. Save link as. IT will then download that link, then you can import printer in Simplify3D

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