Pulse profile for Simplify3D

  • I created a profile for the Pulse in Simplify3D by starting with the Prusa I3 profile. Then I sliced a file under Matter Control and copied the start and end scripts (with some slight modifications) into the scripts section in Simplify 3D. The profile is posted at web4dmarch.com/3dprint.

    WARNING - the profile has a Z-Axis offset in the G-code section of -0.64 which is a value that works for my Pulse XE. I determined this value by watching the first layer Z values for a print sliced with MatterControl with auto bed leveling and estimated the average at about -0.44. A Z offset of -0.64 plus a first layer height of 0.2 gives a Simplify3D Z value of -0.44 for the first layer. Although the auto leveling has a range of values, I am able to get a decent first layer.

    SIDE EFFECT - with a negative Z offset, when you slice in Simplify3D, the first layers appear below the bed when you "Prepare to Print" the model.

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