Pulse upgrade question

  • Hi im interested in the pulse, but i only see myself printing in PLA, Metalic Pla and maybe some ABS, will the stock e3d light with a harden nozzle be enough to handle these? the upgrade helper says i should get full e3d and bondtech extruder which i thought was more for TPU, and nylon filament which i probably wont be printing on but perhaps in the the later future. my previous printer did well without a bondtech with pla and metalic filled pla.

  • MatterHackers

    @kagekitsune The E3D Lite6 hot end will work well for what you are trying to print. Just note that the maximum temperature for the hot end will below 255C. This will limit your ability to print Nylon.

  • yea i don't think I'll be printing nylon anytime soon, plus i'll need a different build plate for that anyways. im just more concerned about PLA, metallic filled filament, abs and maybe some PETG. im sure i could upgrade this machine later in the future with parts sold here correct?

  • oh i forgot to ask, how does the part cooler work? is it a one direction cooling or does it cool in all directions?

  • MatterHackers

    @kagekitsune The Pulse is made to be easily upgraded. If you do decide to swap out components, let us know and we can send you the updated firmware to flash. As far as the filament fan goes, it does well in covering all the part where the deposition is occurring. This allows for curing of the filament where it is needed.

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