How MatterControl evaluate the bed boundaries with BLTouch Offset?

  • Hi everyone,

    I just finished to setup my BLTouch on my MKS Base 1.6 MigBot i3 with the Marlin firmware V

    My main issue it's the formulas to apply on the differents values to set in the printer/MatterControl. Let me explain:

    Using the MatterControl auto bed level feature 3x3, the first point is the center.

    There's my constants:

    • X_BED_SIZE=220
    • Y_BED_SIZE=220
    • Z_HEIGHT_MAX=200,

    Rectangle bed of course. FIRMWARE OFFSET TO Zeros (0,0,0) at the homing sensors are (-18, -48, 0).
    My thought, I'm really offset but:

    Question #1: Why my XMAX (220), computed by the application, take in consideration the Offset in the calculation? My distance XMAX isn't 220, it's 202. Exactly 220-18. I mean the Offset isn't there to set the real (0,0,Z) position + XY_BED_SIZE?

    I've configured the MatterControl Z_PROBE_OFFSET to the T0 (E0 in my situation). The Offset of the probe is (-21,-6,0.36).

    When I start the bed level adjustment 3x3 per example, the P1 is at the bed center.

    Question #2: Why the computed position is in X=89? 110-21 = 89 so it's the PROBE_OFFSET who is take in consideration in that case. and why the P5 (FRONT_RIGHT) is always out of margin, under 220-21 (199) at X 171?

    What mistake I've made / I've make.

    Any lesson will be appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂

    Have a nice 3D printing experience

  • Global Moderator

    If your bed size is 220 x 220, then it is not rectangular. P1 should probe the bed center (G28) prior to bed mesh (G29). Make sure Has Z probe is on and z servo is also on.

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