RYNO Bed Adhesion Advice

  • Having terrible bed adhesion issues with RYNO.
    Pulse E-422

    BuildTak with PVA Glue

    Nozzle 245C
    Bed 65C
    First Layer 18mm/s
    Fan ON 35 min speed 100 max speed

    Small amounts of gooping. I THINK one of the issues is that a part will get a little Goober on it that raises the profile, then the head hits the goober and dislodges the part.

    I read you can use painters tape, is that BETTER adhesion? How can I get less filament buildup that creates the goobers? I'm printing an articulated dragon for my kids to use as fidget devices, so I cant use a skirt/brim.

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    I like print PETG on sanded Garolite, no glue needed. Or I also use borosilicate glass and hair spray. A textured PEI plate can also be printed on. Garolite is my favorite.

    Try these settings
    Nozzle 2740-245C
    Bed 75C (80C for Garolite)
    First Layer 10-15mm/s
    Additional layers 25mms perimeters
    Infill 40mm/s
    Fan OFF (never use the fan until absolutely needed)

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