6mm x 4mm Bowden tube for 1.75mm filament?

  • Hi!

    New guy here... setting up a dry -feed box for 1.75mm filament. I anticipated using 6mmx4mm tubing for the filament guide over to the printer, a Raise3D Pro. It will not go directly to the hot end, just the enclosure. I can’t see why there would be an issue using the larger ID, instead of the 2mm ID.

    Any opinions one way or the other? Also considering industrial nylon tubing instead of Teflon. Ill advised?

    Thanks for any opinions!

  • MatterHackers

    @Pyarnall I personally do not see any issues with your proposed set up. As long as the end of the filament strand does not catch up on any part of the interior of the tube. Nylon should work, but PTFE is better.

  • Thanks for the confirmation.

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