Pulse XE morning suprise

  • Sad morning. Unlike the issues we've had with our newer Pulse XE, this OG Pulse XE (model E443S) has ran for almost 6 months flawlessly with miner maintnance and the past few weeks it has been providing the majority of our production run parts all in EzPC+CF with a .6 nozzle and as shown .2 layer height. (as shown below in its last print before exploding the hotend)

    Last Print

    We typically cycle a single 2.5 hour part through the machine throughout the day and run a last unit as we close for the night. I have a camera monitoring the print and as always the print shown completed, flawlessly.

    Typically the machine cools down and all is good but for some reason I came in and found an error on matter control and it would not heat up after cycling. Glanced in and found this

    The Blob


    Therm Locked in n fried

    So needless to say the Hot End is a rock at this point and appears that it most likely fried the thermistor at least.

    Unsure why it decided to do this but this is not the newer swappable head. Looking at MatterHackers and trying to decide if we need a stock replacement or if I should print out the parts to convert it and buy the newer interchangeable tool head? Or just print my own.

    We are in production mode right now so time is money and our remaining VORON and Pursa is in over time making up for these two Pulse units.

  • MatterHackers

    That's pretty surprising. I don't think I've seen a flooded Mosquito like that. Not really sure how that would happen outside of the nozzle loosening somehow. No idea how the print finished properly. That's very odd.

    I would recommend making the change to the Snap hot end. It's not too much extra effort and makes things a lot easier in the future.

    You can certainly print the parts and do it yourself, but that would take more printing time which sounds like it's not ideal for you right now. We can include the parts needed if you purchase a new Snap hot end.

  • @cope413 Can someone ring me up for the parts I need to do a new snap hotted conversion...and a mosquito hotend as I'm sure this ones toast...unless I break out a blow torch.

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