Tough PLA Diameter Issue

  • Has anyone else seen an issue with diameter fluctuation of tough PLA recently? I found white and gray spools that went down to 1.16mm and 1.34mm, respectively (in just a section I inspected). After contacting support and receiving replacement spools, one of those fluctuated 1.57-1.79mm. The issue happened on my first order with Matterhackers, and I certainly was not expecting it after seeing the positive reviews and helpful online resources produced by MH.

  • MatterHackers

    Are you measuring from the first couple feet of the spool or did you find this in the middle/end of the spool?

    If it's right at the beginning, that makes some sense. You technically get a bit more than 1kg, and the last bit of the spool (which is the first filament you unwind) can have some irregularities.

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