New user of Pulse XD questions

  • Received Pulse XE for Christmas and have a few questions. I have been using a CR10S V2 Pro for about a year and AnyCubic Vyper for about 6 weeks. So that is my background. The Pulse is a delight compared to the above two. Questions are:

    1. Printer has 32bit MB, can I use the SD card with a Gcode file instead of using MatterControl to send file. Do I lose ability to Resume a paused file?
    2. Cannot seem to push filament past the feed gears. Can I lengthen the distance feed distance in screen to make this go faster. I dither d back off about 1/4 turn the feed knob, can I go further without impacting the drive gears.
    3. Don't see a Hot End Icon in MatterControl. Is that only in Pro version. Have tried clicking on printer icon with any success.
    4. Manual nor your web site specify the exact nozzle size. I like to have a standby

    Have printed several Twisted Boxes without great successes. Love the highly polished finish of top and bottom of boxes. Looking forward to many successful prints

  • MatterHackers

    Glad you are liking the printer.

    1. You can print from SD card
    2. The tension know should be about 1cm from the housing (the part where the sprint is should be about 1cm). It should be enough to allow you to feed filament when you press it open. If not, you can loosen it more.
    3. The hotend icon and controls can be found on the top left of the screen. You can also find the icon on the controls tab.
    4. The nozzle is .4mm. Thanks for pointing that out. We'll get the site updated.

  • Lars, Thank you. Just before reading your reply I found Hot End and Bed Tab on upper right corner of screen. I am printing from SD card now and seems to be working fine. Will try resetting the tension screw.
    Aware the nozzle is .04mm diameter. But confused by what thread is on nozzle going into hot end. Thread diameter and length are part of replacement specifications.
    One new comment. When I go to load filament the text on menu reads "purge". Shouldn't it read "load"?


  • Global Moderator

    @cpat You either have a E3D V6 or a Sliceengineering Mosquito. If you post a picture, I can advise you on nozzles. Either way, I would suggest purchasing hardened steel nozzles.

  • @tinken
    Think maybe a E3D .4mm Hardened Steel was difficult getting a good image. Agree on hardened steel as replacement. 0_1640719633594_IMG_5909.jpeg

  • Global Moderator

    @cpat That's a V6. Nozzles are very common.

  • @tinken Thank you. appreciated the follow up

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