Actual printed size differs from design

  • I've had my printer for about a year (Ender 3) and have used Matter Control for about the last 9 months. I haven't done a lot of printing and what I did print didn't require much dimensional accuracy (I'm using PLA). Recently, the last few projects have been smaller, by about 10% when printed, than what the measuring tool indicated. I opened an .stl file for a fan grill (120mm) that had 105mm hole spacing for the mounting holes, and I confirmed the dimensions were correct before printing. The holes ended up at about 103mm when printed. Another project had recesses for 4mm nuts, and again, it was to small. I printed a second one but I increased the scale by 10% and the 4mm nuts dropped right in, a perfect fit. I understand that some of this difference is due to shrinkage but I can't believe that it would be as much as 10%. Can anyone suggest a good strategy for improving the dimensional accuracy of my prints? Adjustments to the printer or within Matter Control? Or, upscale everything I print by a certain percentage? I would appreciate any suggestion you may have to offer.

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