Pulse XE enclosure modification

  • So I added 2 rear exhaust fans to the cabinet and an exhaust fan to the controller cover

    Bought everything on Amazon
    3 pak of 60mm fans
    rubber anti vibration mounts
    Fan 3/4 pin to Molex adapters for the fans
    12in 4pin Molex extension cables
    a ATX power supply (with qty 3, 4pin Molex leads
    and just because, added a DC break out board connected to the ATX 20 pin connector. (will build a case/mount for that)

    Will be adding a fan speed controller at later date

    Wiring layout attached

    0_1633976795321_enclosure wiring.PNG

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    @mavin Exhaust fans are not a good idea for the enclosure unless you are only printing PLA. All other materials like the warmer temperatures inside the cabinet. I sealed my two holes off. If you are printing Nylon, the off gassing is hydrogen cyanide, and Nylon requires heat in the chamber.

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