Working on electronics for the tester

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    Menu system with a TFT powered by an Arduino UNO. This communicates with a serial connection to a Mega 2560 which does the heavy lifting
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    for debugging purposes both arduinos connected to the computer
    Still to do is to make some electronics boards to current control the 3 motors. that means using them as torque motors as for the tester we are interested in measuring the torque. Each of the 3 motors will be controlled in a range from 0 to 40 Amps. The speed feedback will be via encoder so it can be used as a closed loop system and this is the heart of it
    alt text
    the 128:1 compound planetary

  • @thwclw Thanks I went for the visuals too right now its I think about 4 kg of HIPS about 20 608 bearings and almost 100 nuts and bolts. if you Want your own all the files are here

    you wont print it on a pulse though. This one needs a 300x300 bed or larger as the big ring holder are 286mm end to end. I used HIPS cause I pick it up for less than $10/kg and so its less of a problem if you have to reprint something cause it doesnt fit then if you use Nylon

    Now this is one you might be able to print on a pulse
    alt text
    alt text

    The Holder is ABS the gears and Rim Nylon 910 and the tire TPU.

    All was printed on a Chiron

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