Struggling in move from MC 1.7 to MC 2

  • I recently tried to upgrade from MC 1.7 which I have been using for many years to the MC 2.x version. I have to admit that the new interface is very confusing to me and after trying twice to make the conversion, I ended up going back to the 1.7 version.

    It seems to me that the very intuitive user interface from 1.7 has been "upgraded" to a far more complicated and non-intuitive user interface. Am I the only one having trouble with this?

  • @pickybiker I fully agree

  • MatterHackers

    Are you struggling to find a setting? There are a few different view options in 2.0 that you may not be aware of.


    Simple, Intermediate, and Advanced

    Happy to help you understand the UI if that's the main issue. By staying on 1.7 you're missing out on a lot of really great new features.

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