How to mesh bed level when printing from SC card

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    I don't see an option in the mattercontrol software to "include bed level". Has anyone with a pulse printer been able to successfully print from an SD card? Every time I try to use the SD card, the nozzle is too close to the bed and won't print a first layer. I've tried adjusting the Z-offset and the Z baby stepper function on the LCD with no luck. I can't tie up a computer for printing. This would also open the door for using another slicer in the future. Any help or thoughts would be great.

  • When you export, open up the .txt file and check if the first line is, "; Software Leveling Applied". thats how it reads on my export file.

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  • @hamprinter I'll try that tonight when I get home to see what it says. I was able to get a file to print by resetting the Z offset, so at least the filament could extrude and the first layer was solid. Are you using matter control to slice your files to get the "software leveling applied"? I wonder if I could get your thoughts on your experience using the pulse and mattercontrol. Have you used any other slicers? if so, are they better or worse than mattercontrol? I ask as I am only about a month into my printing with the pulse and am deciding if I should keep the pulse or potentially go with another printer, possibly the Prusa. Part of my issues with the printer has been some bad filament that hasnt performed well. When I got some better filament, I have been able to print some good looking pieces, but I need the SD working reliably. Any help or thoughts you can share would be much appreciated.

  • @tterickson67 Imo Most slicers are better than Mattercontrol. The only nice thing MC has is the bed leveling and that is necessary for some printers (like the pulse) So for my pulse I sliced in Prusa slicer and then run the gcode through mc for bed leveling only.

  • @mpirringer Does that mean you slice it in Prusa, then drop the gcode file in MC and then print (tethered) to your pulse? Is there a way to take advantage of the bed leveling from MC with a pulse through another slicer using an SD card? It seems like if I want to use the SD card ability with the pulse, I have to slice it in MC? I'm still new to all this so if you have any advice on how to do this, please let me know.

  • @hamprinter My Gcode files do have the "software leveling applied". That was helpful to see. I've been able to successfully get things to print with the SD card using MC as the slicer. Is there a way to get the bed leveling to work and applied through another slicer using an SD card?

    On the Prusa printers, how does it apply the bed leveling to the prints using a SD card?

  • @tterickson67 You can slice in any slicer then load the gcode file in MC and either print tethered or save it to an SD card and make sure the "apply bed leveling" is checked. I have not tried it with a recent version but you couldn't save it to the same file name in the same directory. IOW if I had c:\gcode\myfile.gcode then I had to save it to something like C:\gcode\myotherfile.gcode which is good practice anyway I usually hang an _b at the end for bedleveled It also prevents you from double bed leveling one which would mess it up

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  • I'm also facing this issue, can someone help me to resolve this issue? I have some B3 Bomber Shearling Jacket images in my SD card and i want to print them, but i can't.

  • @mpirringer So I have also been struggling with mattercontrol slicing... when slicing using prusa slicer would you have any beginning code or end code designated in the slicer? Can you walk me through the process in more detail? I have 2 Pulse and 1 mrk3s. The prusa just works and the Pulse is a major pain in the... I believe most of my issues may be due to mattercontrol.... Matterhackers customer service is not helpful. ultimately I would like to print from SD.

  • @jflyden Beginning and ending code is the same no matter what the slicer is so you can just copy and paste from MC Also set it to expert and there is a thing somewhere for "flavor" set it to marlin as your printers are based on that. The only other thing you will have to do is define a custom printer and name it whatever you want and set the build volume dimensions here is my start code
    G28 ; home all axes
    M104 S[temperature]
    M190 S[bed_temperature]
    M109 S[temperature]
    ; Purge

    G92 E0
    G0 X5 Y5 Z1.2 F1800

    G1 X230 E50 Z1.2 F900
    G92 E0

    And my end code
    ; Retract and move away
    G1 E-[retract_length] F1200
    G0 X5 Y210 F1200
    G28 Z0

    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    M140 S0 ; turn off heat bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off layer fan

    M84 ; disable motors

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