Pulse XE ABS prints warping

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    Hi, I have been printing medium size ABS prints on my pulse XE. I tried to print this and the part warped. I have my bed set to 105C and the Nozzle set to 235C. I am using all standard settings. Please help.

  • @jacob5421 ABS is not the easiest material to print. It warps cause of uneven temperatures vertically. Now a brim sometimes helps but not that much and I have seen prints have so much warping force to tear a piece out of a glass plate. All ABS do not warp the same either.

    I print pieces up to 400mm square on an ultrabase (anycubic Chiron) and the only way I do that without ripping a piece out of the ultrabase (which I have done) is by increasing the ambient temperature. I do that by placing the print dry next to the printer and drape a plastic sheet (house wrap) over the printer and the print dry and make sure I exclude the electronics from my "tent" I used to do the same when my pulse was still operational. That way I am able to do prints of that size
    alt text
    You are looking at about 1.5 kg of ABS (Zyltech.com abs) and you can see the inside of my "tent"
    Printer anycubic chiron, gluestick on ultrabase (to help that abs release from the plate) volcano clone .8 nozzle 260C nozzle 105 bed .88 mm outside perimeter 1.4mm inside perimeter width .4 mm layer height 6 perimeters.

    This and other ABS parts glued together with abs paste looks like this (a little over 9kg of ABS)
    alt text
    Point is get yourself a heated enclosure/tent. Mine gets to about 50 C inside.

    IMPORTANT! DO NOT print PLA at 50 C ambient the filament will soften to the hotend and expand in your heatsink and jam before you get to the nozzle.

  • @mpirringer Thanks very much. I will try the enclosure with the ambient temperature of 50C.

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