Bed leveling sounds from somewhere.

  • Hello all!!

    While doing the bed leveling it doesn't sound to great, also the X-Axis movement doesn't sound too smooth either the printer is about 3 months old.
    I'm including a link to my Youtube of it doing the bed leveling. (

    When the nozzle temp is set should there be fluctuations of -/+ 5 Degrees, for instance when set to 210 it'll go from 205-215 constantly and never really stays at one temp?

    The cooling fan shroud seems a bit high and angled as well, what distance should the bottom of the shroud be from the bottom of the nozzle!!

    Any and all help is apricated!!

    Pulse XE Model E-422

  • That doesn't sound good at all, have you checked and cleaned the shafts and drive gear? Could be dust/strands that have been picked up .

    My nozzle temp might fluctuate 1 degree up and down but not 5, is the temp sensor worked loose?

    Your cooling shroud and fan are much different from mine so I can't help

  • @pverdin I have checked and cleaned them but it seams to only do it during the Bed leveling part while it goes up and down alot, it sounds smoother and better when the Z-Axis starts going downward.

  • @branbepic Sounds like a bearing problem on the Z axis. Now it actually could be a bed bearing but you will also get that sound if the X axis is not level. To check get a known size block either print one like a 10x10x10 or get something else solid - not too big. raise the Z then lower it until the block fits all the way to the left under it without wiggle but that you can still remove it. then turn the motors off or turn the printer off. now place the block all the way to the right and turn the ballscrew on the right until inserting and removing the block feels the same. Now you know the X axis is parallel to the build plate and not conked to one side or the other. You can conk it if you had the head crash into a print or something and one z motor missed some steps.
    Another thing could be no lubrication get bicycle or sewing machine oil and give it a drop. DO NOT use WD40 as that has also a sovent in it and will destroy any lubrications in the bearings. So if you ever used WD40 on your printer - there is your problem. And then beyond the dust or a hair in the bearing you actually might have a bad bearing. IDK if matterhackers sells them but if not or Amazon are a good choice for it amongst others. I think the pulse uses and 8mm 4 start leadscrew if I remember correctly But better check that before buying and best if you can buy the nut/bearing from MH for the pulse

  • @mpirringer I do have a machinist 1-2-3 blocks and Mitutoyo calipers I worked at a machine shop for many years in composites, I TRULY appreciate you taking the time to explain that it may help others on here as well , I have already leveled the X-axis about a month ago, it was almost perfect but I made it even to the 3rd decimal place in inches lol. I do know about the WD-40 I've been explaining the same thing to people for years. I have Starret Oil and Super Lube with PTFE I use on things on my desk. I will add one drop of oil while it's probing the bed leveling to see if that helps at all. When running the Z-Axis up and down 150mm each time it sounds smooth and it doesn't make the rough sound.

    I'm posting a link of all Axis moving 100mm back and forth, while not probing the Z sounds the best. It's only 3 months old, I have about maybe 30 prints on it and keep a fairly large HEPA filter in the room to help with dust. (

    I'm doing most of my prints now on a used from craigslist Mono Select Plus, I only added a Mirco swiss nozzle and Micro Swiss heating block, I added BL Touch and Flashed ADVi3++ and changed the extruder teeth/gear. I only got into printing last year. Now this bed had about 20-30 spots where person drove the nozzle into the bed, Also leveled the X-Axis on that. Now my problem is why is the used one from craigslist more smoother running on all Axis than my $1000 3 month old one. Could it just be bad bearing's all around on the pulse?

    Sorry in advance if my grammar is poorly written that is my weak point.

  • @branbepic No problem if it moves fine otherwise IDK maybe something with the probe. I took my probe of cause the way its designed or at least was (I got the C model) every time the print dislodges or curls up you loose the leg of the bl touch and that gets expensive quickly as you have to buy a new bl touch. So I level mine manual with a pice of paper. Not currently as its in pieces and waiting for some time to get an overhaul I got tired of the current electrical and other problems so its scheduled to be fixed in the meantime I use my anycubic Chiron mostly Its bigger, cheaper, breaks less and I print all kinds of stuff on it. Like for example some ABS alt text
    Or some Nylon (Taulman 910) Tire is TPU - wheel is 6 inch
    alt text
    Or here moving
    alt text


  • @mpirringer I did see you had 2 Chiron's from reading a lot of your post, I do like the large foot print of that printer those pics look good, is that top print PLA or ABS?, is that internal gearing in a wheel?

    The probe seems pretty safe where it's at on mine, I've had some prints lift up and never really cause any damage.

    My printer is still under warranty I'm just going to give them a call for the issues going on with mine.

  • @branbepic We only use PLA for something like this
    IOW things that hang on the wall
    This too has been printed on the Chiron too. All of our prints are done with a Volcano Clone and a .8 nozzle
    The gears inside the wheel are Nyon 910 from taulman the Tire is TPU from Zyltech the rest curently is Zyltech ABS.

    Here we Acetone welded it together
    alt text
    We are building a robot that will be 26 in dia octagonal on the bottom and 5 ft tall. All prints are solid pieces of plastic The frame has almost 9kg of ABS in it . The white stuff is styrofoam covered in bugscreen and paint to make a good base for some 8 an 10 oz fiberglass and probably some woven roving in places The gearbox and wheels will drive it. I got some kids working on the head that will be semi translucent PETG and look something like the logo above (hopefully) and others work on things like pylleyse
    alt text
    And other brackets and mounts. And 3 more gearboxes. at least . the whole machine should weigh 80-100 lb when done

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    @branbepic Had the same problems, was dry bearings. I dissembled the whole printer and re-greased with TinkSeal. Everything runs smooth now, no more grinding noises.

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