Priming Line Printed at Front of Bed?

  • I just installed MatterControl onto a new build and setup my AnyCubic Chiron to print from the new computer. Unlike printing from my old computer, the printer now lays down a thick line of material at the very front of the print bed before moving to print the main job. This seems to be a priming function for the nozzle, but it never happened before moving to the new computer.

    Is this behavior unique to the Chiron printer option in the noted revision of MatterControl? Earlier versions of MatterControl did not provide a specific option for the AnyCubic Chiron, so my earlier setup was built off of Other brand and Other model and me supplying settings to get the Chiron to run. I have the Adhesion settings configured to print 2 loops, but the printer now just prints this line at the front of the bed instead and totally ignores printing the 2 loops.

    Not the end of the world, but I am curious as to how I might stop the printer from printing the priming line at the front of the bed in favor of printing loops as requested in my slicer settings?

  • MatterHackers

    I do not have that printer but I'm sure you can find that line in the start g code. If you open up the printer's configuration tab then the g code section, you can find the start g code. I'm sure that's where that line is.

  • Its most likely based on the one I created for the Chiron and I like to lay down a line in the front of the bed as a purge to clear and prep the nozzle. You can find that in the "Start Gcode" under the ;Purge section If you want a different purge routine - change it.

    I usually use Prusa Slicer to run my chiron (for many reasons) but someone asked me for a profile for MC so I did one and sent it to Matterhackers too to include it in MC (if they want which it seems they did)

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