Issue with Bed Temperature

  • Hello,

    I have been unable to print because of an issue that I am seeing where the bed temperature reading goes to 150C when it starts to ramp up to the desired temperature. The bed does not actually heat up because the error occurs. I tried moving the wires around that go to the bed, calling support, and emailing with no help yet after several days. MH basically said they are busy and they'll call me back. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this error? Thanks for any help.

    ERROR: MINTEMP or MAXTEMP triggered on B. Check your temperature sensors!
    HALT asserted - reset or M999 required

    Terminal log:

    Communication State: PreparingToPrint
    Generating Config
    Starting slicer

    MatterSlice version 2.20.11

    N78 M105*24

    Optimized model: 0.3s
    ok T:28.9 /0.0 @0 B:25.9 /0.0 @0
    Sliced model: 0.3s
    Generated layer parts: 0.1s
    Processing support regionsProcessed support regions: 0.0s
    N79 M105*25

    ok T:28.9 /0.0 @0 B:25.9 /0.0 @0
    N80 M105*31

    ok T:28.9 /0.0 @0 B:26.1 /0.0 @0
    Wrote layers: 1.88s
    Total time elapsed 2.32s
    Print time: 2049
    Filament: 3341
    Filament2: 0
    N81 M105*30

    ok T:28.8 /0.0 @0 B:26.9 /0.0 @0
    N1 M110 N1*125

    Communication State: Printing
    N2 M114*37

    ok 😄 X:0.0000 Y:0.0000 Z:0.0000 E:0.0000
    N3 M117 Printing - 0%*14

    N4 G21*30

    N5 M107*32

    N6 M140 S35*85

    N7 M104 T0 S200*36

    N8 M140 S35*91

    N9 M105*46

    ok T:28.8 /200.0 @255 B:27.3 /35.0 @255
    N10 M105*22

    ok T:28.9 /200.0 @255 B:27.6 /35.0 @255
    N11 M105*23

    ok T:29.2 /200.0 @255 B:27.7 /35.0 @255
    N12 M105*20

    ok T:29.9 /200.0 @255 B:28.3 /35.0 @0
    N13 M105*21

    ok T:31.1 /200.0 @255 B:31.6 /35.0 @0
    N14 M105*18

    ok T:32.8 /200.0 @255 B:103.8 /35.0 @0
    ERROR: MINTEMP or MAXTEMP triggered on B. Check your temperature sensors!
    HALT asserted - reset or M999 required
    N15 M105*19

    ok T:34.8 /0.0 @0 B:145.9 /0.0 @0
    N16 M105*16

    ok T:36.8 /0.0 @0 B:147.0 /0.0 @0
    N17 G1 Z1.67 E-0.833 F1800*123

    N18 M105*30

    ok T:41.7 /0.0 @0 B:147.7 /0.0 @0
    N19 G1 Z3.34 E-1.667*16

    N20 M105*21

    ok T:43.9 /0.0 @0 B:147.2 /0.0 @0
    N21 G1 Z5 E-2.5*53

    N22 M105*23

    ok T:45.3 /0.0 @0 B:146.5 /0.0 @0
    N23 G1 Z6.67 E-3.333*28

    N24 M105*17

    ok T:46.1 /0.0 @0 B:146.5 /0.0 @0
    N25 G1 Z8.34 E-4.167*22

    N26 M105*19

    ok T:46.4 /0.0 @0 B:146.8 /0.0 @0
    N27 G1 Z10 E-5*27

    N28 M105*29

    ok T:46.4 /0.0 @0 B:147.0 /0.0 @0
    N29 G90*43

    N30 M105*20

    ok T:45.2 /0.0 @0 B:145.6 /0.0 @0
    N31 M300 S3000 P30*17

    N32 M105*22

    ok T:43.6 /0.0 @0 B:142.5 /0.0 @0
    N33 M300 S1500 P30*20

    N34 M105*16

    ok T:42.0 /0.0 @0 B:145.2 /0.0 @0
    N35 M300 S3000 P30*21

    N36 M105*18

    ok T:40.5 /0.0 @0 B:144.8 /0.0 @0
    N37 M300 S1500 P30*16

    N38 M105*28

    ok T:39.1 /0.0 @0 B:145.3 /0.0 @0
    N39 M300 S3000 P30*25

    N40 M105*19

    ok T:38.1 /0.0 @0 B:146.9 /0.0 @0
    N41 M300 S1500 P30*17

    N42 M105*17

    ok T:37.6 /0.0 @0 B:147.1 /0.0 @0
    N43 M300 S3000 P30*20

    N44 M105*23

    ok T:37.1 /0.0 @0 B:147.1 /0.0 @0
    N45 M300 S1500 P30*21


  • My first guess would be a wiring problem especially with the Pulse and the bed. But it could also be a faulty sensor.


    see first if there is strain relief where the wires come out of the box with the board. Also make sure the wires are seated well. The bed moving can wiggle things around if there is no strain relief

    Now then I'd check the wires and see if there are any kinks - if yes - replace.

    And if I have a sensor lying around (I do) I'd just replace it you will need capton tape and some aluminum tape. Place the sensor at the center of the bed tape with the aluminum first and then some capton tape on top of it going beyond the borders of the al. tape.

  • @mpirringer Thank you so much for your input.

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