I have a Pluse XE {D-124} and have been having Bed adhesion issues

  • I've tried Hairspray, Gluestick, Painters tape, and just the plain Garolite plate and nothing will work.

    Extruder temp: 200

    Bed temp: 65

    Filament type: PLA

    And the bed is auto leveled every day i try to use it.

    I've been unable to get in contact with Matter Control Support {every time I call they tell me to send in email or a guy will call back Which he has not}

    So what is the best way to get PLA to stick to a Garolite Flexplate and what are some settings that might help?

  • @mnicholson766 All PLA needs to be pressed a bit into the build plate. the rest depends on the PLA. I got some PLA to stick with glue stick, some with Blue painters tape. But all you got to get the Z offset right so play with that a bit. A pic would be helpful especially if its of the first layer

  • I also have a pulse D-model. I've always used glue stick, on the garolite or the build-tak, but the build-tak probably doesnt need it.
    What brand is the PLA? What does your first layer look like? Pictures might help to help you.

  • For some reason I can’t get a picture to upload, but now the filament is getting stuck to the nozzle and it’s not even making it on the bed. What are the best MC settings to use for the D-124?

  • @mnicholson766 There are quite some restrictions on this BBS you cant upload a high res picture. Save it at a resulution or 800x600 or thereabouts. But it sounds to me the nozzle is too far away from the bed. In different versions of MC you had to either increase or decrease the Z-offset as they changed the sign between different versions. I only use MC for bed leveling anymore and us Prusa slicer for everything else

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