Thermistor and Fans!

  • I have the C model. I’ve tried adjust settings in mattecontrol to allow for the fans to run while printing. New fans have been installed, checked all wiring, reset my matter control settings, somewhere in the software in causing the fans to turn off while it goes to next layer. Causing horrible prints.

    Also, having issues with the thermistors going bad on the hotend, replaces wiring and thermistors, 4th thermistor replaced so far.

    Anyone have a fix for these issues? I am lost with this printer, i never had any issues with my first printer Monoprice mini v1. Constant problems with the pulse.

  • Was there a problem with the previous fans? I have a D model, completely stock. No issues whatsoever with the fans although the part cooling fan using Ryno only turns on towards the end of the print. Are the new fans of the same type and current draw? I suspect that the surplus current capacity in the Pulse is limited so any change getting close to that limit may cause issues. What kind of problems are you having with the thermistors?

  • If you have the E3D V6 hotend the cartridge is good to about 280C above that it will degrade quickly and fail. So the pulse is good up to 280C and even at that I get a max of about 3 months (printing 24/7) out of a cartridge so it has become a cost of duing printing just like electricity and filament.

    As for your fan make a short print with fan and save it to a gcode file then open the gcode file in a text editor like wordpad and look for M106 and M107. M107 turns off the fans and M106 changes the fan speed to Snnn where the nnn of the S parameter is 0 - 255 (255 = 100%). If you see it make a note where it appears. You might have a M106 or M107 somewhere in your gcode snippets - you can edit and look at those in printer -> gcode -> and there is a layer change gcode under advanced. Look through those and if you see an M106 or M107 there remove it (unless its in the end gcode as you want to turn everything off when the print is done)

  • For my thermistor I have to replace mine about every 6 months along with my PTFE tube, about 1000 hours of printing give or take pending on material. For your hotend, make sure you are using the correct one (12 or 24 volt) as incorrect one would cause issues all around.

    As for the fan, it sounds like you have your setting way too low. Speed -> Fan -> Turn on if Below. Default is 60 seconds, but on different material it works better at a higher setting.

    Also check your Cooling settings and adjust as needed there to help.

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