computer slow down

  • computer slow down when using matter control

  • I am running Windows 10 and have not noticed any slowing of the machine. I have seen the pulse pause whenever I am doing anything intensive on the machine but continue once the bottleneck resolves.

  • I find it does after a while - looking at the resource monitor it seems MC has a memory leak and takes more and more memory with each print. at some time the computer will start using virtual memory and swap out to the disk causing a slow down. So it depends on how much ram your machine has as to if and when it appears. I combat that by "x-ing" out of MC every print or 2 (depending on the machine I run it on) and go back in to flush out all the memory

  • mpirringer got that one on the nose there. Though they have fixed most of the memory leaks in the newer version.

    If I run the same print without reslicing I can run it forever without a problem.
    Though after several slices I restart MC. If I don't the computer runs slow and older versions crash.

    The thing is, MC (at least older versions) don't take advantage of anything over 8 gig of memory. The computer I run it on has 16, but MC never uses more than 6.9 gig. It just starts having issues after it uses up its allotted amount.

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