Pulse Firmware

  • recently recieved a pulse professional bundle, tried getting the bed leveling to work for cura and failed miserably, is there a stock firmware option for getting the printer back to factory?


  • Check on Github. The pulse can only be leveled with Mattercontrol. Make sure you make all the settings correctly - you might want to reach out and call tech support on this. You also most likely voided your warranty. They don't like any changes to the firmware nor do they provide any updates as it seems they customize the firmware to the printer you ordered like Mine is/was as Pulse C232 and the C232 gets read by the firmware and affects certain settings.

    Now I use Prusa slicer with all my printers. With the pulse I slice in prusa slicer and export the GCODE and then in MC instead of reading in an STL I read in that prusa slicer gcode file and print from MC which now adds bed level control. - not ideal but a work around to get around the crappy slicer in MC

  • I just finished compiling a branch of Marlin 1.1.9 for the Pulse XE. Im still working on getting my Z-Offset set and after I get some prints I was going to publish the source code on GitHub.

    Its not super hard. The printer itself is just a variation of the i3 design.

    I did this becuase I wanted the Pulse to be a more stand alone printer and not be forced to use MatterControl. I like MatterControl for some of the things it can do, but for slicing, I feel like i can get better prints and have more control from Cura or other slicers.

  • https://github.com/RSteel517/NEW-PULSE

    This firmware was compiled from Marlin 1.1.9 and was set up for a PulseXE with a E3D V6, Bondtech, Flex Plate, Viki 2, Mini Rambo, and a BlTouch (Orbit sensor that they came with).

    Please review the firmware for your machine.

  • @rsteel517 Link comes up 404 Page not found.

  • That one worked, thanks!

  • Thanks mpirringer.

  • @pverdin how did this work out for you?

  • @cfitts90 I have not tried it at the moment, I have the "Smoothie" board and wasn't sure if this was compatable, still learning about these systems at this level.

  • @pverdin

    All of the Marlin file should be there.

    You can download them, and then go in and modify it for your particular printer (you can do this by downloading the stock Marlin firmware as well).

    If you need help, there are several youtube videos that go thru the configuration of Marlin

    See ones from Toms 3d and Chris's Basement (among others). I believe that 3d Maker Noob has one as well.

    Also the help documentation on the Marlin website and GitHub is really good and the code is pretty well commented throughout.

    I had NO IDEA what I was really doing, but after watching the videos and reading some documentation, i was able to figure it out.

  • @rsteel517 Thanks for this but the first question (there are no dumb questions) does the Marlin firmware used in a Smoothie board? (This might be a dumb question 🙂 ).

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