Remote monitoring Pulse XE

  • Does anyone use a remote monitoring system like OctoPrint or the Creality WIFI monitoring camera? The OctoPrint website doesn’t list the pulse as a supported printer and I can’t find out if the Creality is specific to Creality printers. Is there any other way to Remote monitor the pulse?
    I’m new to 3d printing, any help is much appreciated!!!

  • Octoprint is not supported. I work around I have used is to use my laptop to control it. Now my laptop has teamviewer and a camera so I point the laptop camera on the print and use teamviewer to control MC remotely. But any remote control software should work.

  • MatterHackers

    What @mpirringer is doing with TeamViewer and a camera is the same setup that I have at home. Controlling the computer from my phone also allows me to queue up long slices for the larger machines as well. I prefer Teamviewer because of it being free and mostly reliable.

    Now to get it on the tablet for easier control and vision...

  • @michael-petitclerc I have it running on an ASUS T100 tablet now too. Don't like to use it too much though as I have to exit MC after every print or 2 as MC still has memory leaks and they become particularly evident on a machine with only 1 GB of ram

  • Thank you for the advice!!
    I ordered a webcam and trying out the team viewer. Looks like a great solution!

  • @mpirringer I have this up and running ok, but find the video to be somewhat jerky, could be the fact it is running inside a shed about 4 to 5 meters distance.

  • Video "jerkeyness" are caused by dropped frames. That can either be that the computer cannot process the data quickly enough or the internet connection is not fast enough. You do not need high def video to monitor a print. So cut the resolution and frame rate down. there should be a setting in the software or driver for the webcam and also in teamviewer You can also make the video watching window on the screen smaller to cut down network (internet) traffic

  • It's not that bad, mostly it runs OK , it just has it's little hiccups on occasions. I can live with it.

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