Cura profile or Prusa slicer? Firmware update request

  • Cura profile or Prusa slicer.

    It looks like their is no way in the firmware to setup the bedleveling or to use the auto bed leveling without having to releveling each time. So just making a standard profile for one of the other slicers is not cut and dry.

    in order to get what need to make this work i plane to post my findings and changes here. If need be I will even replace my printer if i have to.

    please post here if you want to have the frimware updated by matter hackers to allow us the easy and best options to use other slicers.Please post here your request for a update. I will link here the full process as needed after the frimware is updated and get Ultimaker to add a default profile to Cura as well.

    I will be using a Pulse XE S-234

    Please note i do not work for any of the groups listed above and this is on my own time. If you need help I can be reached on discord at Zoromer#0532 to install if needed.

  • Would be great if you could. I currently use SLIC3R/Prusa Slicer to generate the gcode and then run it through MC just for bed leveling.

  • They sell the Ultimaker so it is madness you cant run Cura native. We just need to allow for doing a Z offset in the firmware if you ask me.

  • As far as I know its more involved. You probably will have to change the home position and go to a standard marlin setup and mess with some of the hardware/wiring. IOW turn it into a true Prusa I3. Here is a video that might be helpful

  • Good info. i called Matter Hackers help desk and reviewed with them about using Cura or other slicers I was told that they are working on added wifi to the 32bit board right now by the working on updates to the firmware and he is working on making a update to allow z offset update to the firmware to allow us to use other silicers. but then it order rises the autobed leveling... he was looking at a answer for this.

  • @zoromer I guess we will see

  • @mpirringer Would you mind sharing your begin, end, before layer change, and after layer change gcodes that you use in Prusaslicer? I am having issues getting the z offset working right. I use the G29 command to do the bed leveling but afterwards the nozzle is well above the bed with just the standard GCode. And it doesn’t seem like the nozzle is moving up between layers

  • @cdk I have no in between layer code. I use the same start and end code in Prusa slicer as the default code in MC is. As the G code is not slicer dependent but machine specific. So you can copy and paste the Start and end code from MC that is the proper one done by Matterhackers for the the type of Pulse you have. Currently my Pulse is going through some major changers/upgrades in between other projects so my start and end codes are being messed with quite a bit and are a work in progress.

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