pulse xe thermistor

  • After my last print which came out excellent I set up for my next print , while preheating bed and nozzle i got the heated bed error, after doing some visual checks found the thermistor has been pulled apart somehow, i have already contacted support by email. while waiting on a response was wondering if anyone had a part number for a replacement thermistor. the wires look fine but must have snagged something and pulled it out from underneath and one of the attached wires pulled out.
    on another note, how come there are no part diagrams or schematics for any of the pulse printers? if there is and im not finding them let me know.

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  • [url=https://postimg.cc/dD5fGMvf][img]https://i.postimg.cc/WbVPLjys/Pulse-xe-wiring-issue.jpg[/img][/url]

    picture of the issue

  • https://www.matterhackers.com/store/l/e3d-v6-thermistor-kit/sk/MMXU1R31
    Its a standard e3d v6 thermistor. that is taped with some capton tape to the underside. (not the cartrlidge kind) Went through some myself. The wiring leaves some to be desired. Make sure you tape it to the underside as close as possible to the center. dont tape the white wire as that insulation cannot handle 100C the bed might reach. tape over the blue part that is i think fiber glass insulation. Also make sure that you have a strain relief at the case so the wire does not wiggle back and forth on the plug or after a while you will burn up the board and connector due to arcing. There should be no wiggling at the connectors at all.

  • My bed just stop working well on my pulse XE S-234 it was working fine then just stopped... my unit has
    the 32bit board...

  • Its most likely the wiring. Mine came without strain relief and wired in a way that the back and forth movement of the bed wiggled the connector and caused arcing and also eventually broke some wires So check for that with a meter

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