Artillery Sidewinder X1 Support

  • Does anyone have or know how to setup the Mattercontrol software for an Artillery Sidewinder X1, or is it compatible with any of the other built in printers.

  • You probably can start off with either a custom one or a Creality on. Most important thing is that you get the comport and baud rate right and unless its in the Docs it might take some trial and error. Then you just make sure you get the settings right as to bed and nozzle size. It runs standard Gcode so setting up homing and the start and stop gcode should not be too difficult

  • @scwooowy
    I wonder why they don't have profile for the Artillery printers.

  • @gvviking They probably don't sell them that is why

  • MatterHackers

    That is not why. 🙂
    The majority of our profiles are donated by users and we have not had one for the Artillery submitted yet. Please let us know if you get it working well and we will be happy to add it to the set of supported printers.

    Thank you for all your help.

  • I Tried to supply some but did not receive a reply. Or maybe you used it but didn't tell me. See if you got any for some anycubic printers. You guys used to give credits - I would have settled for a reply

  • MatterHackers

    Hey Guys,

    I recently put together a simple guide on setting up a new printer in MatterControl 2.0, you can find it here:

    @mpirringer we still do give credit for sending in profiles for printers as well as valid site corrections. Do you mind emailing us a response on the chain where you had submitted it? We are happy to implement new profiles and would like to encourage the continued contribution. I looked through a few of our more recent communications and did not see a conversation with a profile mentioned.

  • The Anycubic Chiron files are here

    The file is called "Chiron.printer" and was created with MC "Export printer" Feature. It also exports a 2nd printer called "other" that is not listed and IDK why - but not the Pulse I have set.
    The current filament it exported is HIPS which we print at 255/105 and its set for a .8 nozzle as all our chirons run .8 exclusively - cause its a big printer and we print big things we currently try to keep model weight to < 1kg as above 1kg the bed starts to vibrate a bit too much for my taste. Mike I don't have your email as I have not sent one to support on this computer - you have not heard from me in about 2 years - right? Will try to send one - hope you get it

    Also should you be interested - there is a prusa slicer config bundle too plus some ipt/stls on stuff we are working on.

    I might do one for the predator on mega-x too. After I finish upgrading them (they get Volcanoes)

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