Boden tube pops out with new filament

  • just got a new thermistor for the bed under warrenty and replaced it. That fixed my bed temp swings. Now im trying to load PRO Series PLA white, and no matter what it will not extrude fully, it pops the boden tube from the extruder and wont feed it into the hotend. I can manually feed it and it feeds just fine, so no blockage in the hotend.
    What is causing it to pop the tube from the extruder? Now the ends of the tube is shot so I will have to get a new one, I have tried temps from 205-220c still wont work. The few times it does it come out all stringing like hair.

  • MatterHackers

    What machine are you using?

    The bowden tube can pop out for a number of reasons.

    The most common reason for the tube popping out is it might be a bit weak at the collet. That said, you would want to consider using a set of tube cutters to cut the tip off the bowden and reinsert. If that does not work, you might also consider replacing the bowden tube itself or the collet inside the extruder. The collet is the little part that locks or should lock,, the tube into place

    When loading material, it is also very important to cut the tip of the material at a 45 degree angle or so.This way, it has a nice tip to go through the filament pathway.

  • It used to always pop out not any more since I put this on0_1568892932074_20190908_111615[1].jpg
    Its been solid for months now. I published it here

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