movement delay

  • All of a sudden the printer is playing up.
    everything is being delayed, all movements , when I press a movement button there is quite a delay before it moves.
    during heating it take quite some time before it registers a change.
    While printing it moves, stops for a few seconds then starts again.
    Any help here would be highly appreciated.

  • Make sure you do not have any invalid Gcode in your file. I have seen some have the problem with an invalid Mxxx command popping up from time to time

  • MatterHackers

    We will need a bit more information.

    What machine are you using
    What slicer are you using
    Movement of what in particular?

    A machine ultimately only does what it is being told so it is possible that the issue lies in your G code as it may be telling ti to move slower than usual for some reason.

  • Well, wonders never cease, reloaded the file this morning, and it printed fine, so it has got me baffled.
    I use Matter control V1.75

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