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  • Now that school started we are hard at work on Bumble Bot to get it ready for the ERRF where we want to show it here is some of this weekends prints
    We printed 2 of these this weekend and 2 earlier this week its a bearing holder for the Rack and pinion that will lift the robot up the 19 in stoop about 700g of filament each
    And 4 of those rack assemblies 397mm long about 350g of filament each
    Plus some spacers and gears I don't currently have pics of.
    Filament HIPS .8 nozzle .9 outside perimeters 1.3mm inside perimeters 12 perimeters on part 1 7 on the rack .4mm layer height governed at 16.5 mm3/sec Volumetric Nozzle 255 bed 105 with a pastic sheet hung over it as a temp Enclosure. All in all about 3kg ($30 worth) of HIPS. Nice thing is it sticks to that bed with no aid. There might be a little gluestick left from the ABS print before that but probably not much after printing 4 of the same in the same place

  • MatterHackers

    Lookin good!

  • Thanks now the 64k question is - will it work on the robot. Any measurement off by a mm and the rack is going to bind. We will see how well the kids did

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