Harmonic with planetary at center

  • First exploratory Print of a Harmonic gearbox with a planetary in place of the elliptic bearing
    0_1564621320799_SANY0063.JPG 0_1564621332091_SANY0062.JPG

    Printed on a pulse Yellow/Black is HIPS white is Bridge Nylon

  • MatterHackers

    Looks neat!

  • Thanks Big question is as to how much torque can it handle
    This is the next step a prototype Flexor with the cup that will be the output. This prototype is with 1.1mm modulus the final version will probably be between 1.5 and 2mm The total ratio somewhere between 70 and 80 to 1 the hope is to lift 150 lb with it (not the prototype the final version) it would be a definite space savings over a compound planetary and would use less than 1/2 the filament. Teeth are true involutes with a 14.5 deg pressure angle and a 30 deg helix The main purpose of the above was to see if the math that was put down checks out and it did. To get everything to mesh tight there is a unit correction/tooth shift necessary in a couple of places. The above was mostly printed in HIPS to see if it fits as we picked up 20 kg from the Hong Kong warehouse of Hobby King for $8/kg. The White is Bridge Nylon from Matterhackers. The production version most likely will either be Hobby King CX12 or Taulman 910 Printed on a PULSE E3D V6 with a .4 hotend. .48mm outside perimeters .93mm inside perimeters (that is how the math worked out) with the flow adjusted for a slight over print (2mm measured at 2.05 to 2.08mm) Which was accounted for in the backlash calculation The HIPS prints at 270 Nozzle and 100 bed with the flow throttled at 16 mm3/sec the Bridge is printed at 265 nozzle 80 bed with the flow Throttled at 8mm3/sec Volumetric E used for better layer adhesion and better flow. Final settings might change slightly after we break it and inspect the breaks This prototype will be run to destruction to collect the necessary data as I could not find anything on anyone doing this and I got to know what I am doing before I go and teach the kids.

  • That is impressive, obviously I need to come and take your course.

  • Vernon Twp Robotics club. Or if it works there will be a youtube video on that in the future. Be warned though as I was told by one of my students "Your youtube channel will not get many viewers - too much math and not enough cats" To which I replied "Cats are banned from the printing room as they are bad for bed adhesion

  • Wrong country I am afraid, I dove into 3D printing for a work project, your math runs rings around this newby. Actually I think I was doing better when I knew very little....

  • Let me quote my daughter when she was in 8th grade

    "Dad the more I learn the more I realize how little I know"

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