Printer printing at 36mm of print bed

  • As the title says........I turn the printer on and connect to it, it will print at bed level but if I have to restart the print for any reason it starts printing at 36 mm in the air. I’m at a loss.

  • It sometimes does that. What helps on my printer before restarting it is to issue an autohome command. IDK if you can do that as it depends on where your home position is and if the head would crash into a print when it homes. But if its all the way up like on my pulse then a autohome might do the trick and also turn absolute positioning back on just to make sure. You might also examine your stop and resume gcode snippets. If you want to post them and the make and model of your printer we could look at it

  • My printer is home made and I have been running it for quite some time. It seemed to start doing this out of the blue. I examined the issue in a little more detail and what happens is when it goes to the heating extruded position (No matter where I make it) as soon as it is done heating it goes directly to the XY position and starts printing. Does not move in the z axis. It is written this way in the gcode.

  • Try to send

    Before you resume

  • What is this going to do and is it something I will have to do every time or just this once?

  • G28 = Go to home position
    G90 = Use absolute positioning

    G91= Use relative positioning

    The difference is the after G91 if for example the last X was 10 and y was 10 and Z was 10 and now I send G1 X10 y20 Z10 it does not move on the X and z axis and only on th y for 10 as 20-10 is 10 so it calculates the relative move wheras after a G28 and a G90 it assumes it is at the home position and moves to positon 10,10,10

  • Thank you so much for the help. I will try it and let you know what the outcome is.

  • Well I tried that and it did the same thing. Homed the printer, G90, resliced and print. Nothing changed.

  • Is it at the beginning when you print I assumed you pause for whatever reason to change filament or something. Maybe take the first 50 lines of the Gcode file and post it here. If its at the beginning of every print could be the homing is off. Also where does the printer home ? in the top corner (front or back) or at the bottom somewhere

  • Also what slicing software do you use ?

  • I am using the mattercontrol slicer which has been working fine until a month ago or so.

    So when I want to print something I create the part, slice it with mattercontrol. Then hit print. It homes the printer (homes to the top) and goes to the hot end warm up position. As soon as it is to temp it goes to the xy position but does not drop the z axis.

    I’ll try and post some gcode later.

  • Also post the homing position for example on my printer its x0,y0 z215. You can also go to the probe offset and type in 30mm and see if it prings it down to about 6 At some point during an upgrade when MC "lost" the paper thickness and Z offset my printer was off by 15 I exported the printer and then read to the file (forgot what its called but it was either paper thickness or Z something that was set to 15 so I set it to 0 and then re - imported the printer. You could also try to create a new printer I had to do that 2x due to something going "Funny" in upgrades So create a new printer and call it "myprinterV2" and see if that helps. Its a pain and its one reason why I slice in SLIC3R and then just run it through MC to apply the bed leveling.

  • Ok so my homing position is x10,y10,z235. Homing to max.

    Here is the G-Code that I exported from the slice....
    ; Software Leveling Applied
    ; Generated with MatterSlice 2.19.6
    ; filamentDiameter = 1.68
    ; extrusionWidth = 0.4
    ; firstLayerExtrusionWidth = 0.56
    ; layerThickness = 0.3
    ; firstLayerThickness = 0.3
    ; automatic settings before start_gcode
    G21 ; set units to millimeters
    M107 ; fan off
    M104 T0 S210 ; start heating extruder 1
    T0 ; set the active extruder to 0
    ; settings from start_gcode
    G28 ; home all axes
    G1 Z27.51 F5000
    ; automatic settings after start_gcode
    M109 T0 S210 ; Finish heating extruder1
    T0 ; set the active extruder to 0
    G90 ; use absolute coordinates
    G92 E0 ; reset the expected extruder position
    M82 ; use absolute distance for extrusion
    ; Layer count: 3
    ; Layer Change GCode
    ; LAYER:0
    ; LAYER_HEIGHT:0.3
    G1 X0 Y0 Z7.81 F5400
    G1 X4.05 Y2.08 Z7.79
    G1 X8.11 Y4.17 Z7.77
    G1 X12.16 Y6.25 Z7.75
    G1 X16.21 Y8.34 Z7.74
    G1 X20.26 Y10.42 Z7.72
    G1 X24.32 Y12.5 Z7.7
    G1 X28.37 Y14.59 Z7.68
    G1 X32.42 Y16.67 Z7.66
    G1 X36.47 Y18.76 Z7.65
    G1 X40.53 Y20.84 Z7.63
    G1 X44.58 Y22.92 Z7.61
    G1 X48.63 Y25.01 Z7.59
    G1 X52.69 Y27.09 Z7.58
    G1 X56.74 Y29.18 Z7.56
    G1 X60.79 Y31.26 Z7.54
    G1 X64.84 Y33.34 Z7.52
    G1 X68.9 Y35.43 Z7.51
    G1 X72.95 Y37.51 Z7.49
    G1 X77 Y39.6 Z7.47
    G1 X81.05 Y41.68 Z7.45
    G1 X85.11 Y43.77 Z7.43
    G1 X89.16 Y45.85 Z7.42
    G1 X93.21 Y47.93 Z7.4
    G1 X97.26 Y50.02 Z7.38
    G1 X101.32 Y52.1 Z7.36
    G1 X105.37 Y54.19 Z7.35
    G1 X109.42 Y56.27 Z7.33
    G1 X113.48 Y58.35 Z7.31
    G1 X117.53 Y60.44 Z7.29
    G1 X121.58 Y62.52 Z7.28
    G1 X125.63 Y64.61 Z7.26
    G1 X129.69 Y66.69 Z7.24
    G1 X133.74 Y68.77 Z7.22
    G1 X137.79 Y70.86 Z7.2
    G1 X141.84 Y72.94 Z7.19
    G1 X145.9 Y75.03 Z7.17
    G1 X149.95 Y77.11 Z7.15
    G1 X154 Y79.19 Z7.13
    G1 X158.06 Y81.28 Z7.12
    G1 X162.11 Y83.36 Z7.1
    G1 X166.16 Y85.45 Z7.08
    G1 X170.21 Y87.53 Z7.06
    G1 X174.27 Y89.61 Z7.05
    G1 X178.32 Y91.7 Z7.03
    G1 X182.37 Y93.78 Z7.01
    G1 X186.42 Y95.87 Z6.99
    G1 X190.48 Y97.95 Z6.98
    G1 X194.53 Y100.03 Z6.96
    G1 X198.58 Y102.12 Z6.94
    G1 X202.64 Y104.2 Z6.92
    G1 X206.69 Y106.29 Z6.9
    G1 X210.74 Y108.37 Z6.89
    G1 X214.79 Y110.45 Z6.87
    G1 X218.85 Y112.54 Z6.85
    G1 X222.9 Y114.62 Z6.83
    G1 X226.95 Y116.71 Z6.82
    G1 X231 Y118.79 Z6.8
    G1 X235.06 Y120.88 Z6.78
    G1 X239.11 Y122.96 Z6.76
    G1 X243.16 Y125.04 Z6.75
    G1 X247.21 Y127.13 Z6.73
    G1 X251.27 Y129.21 Z6.71
    G1 X255.32 Y131.3 Z6.69
    G1 X259.37 Y133.38 Z6.67
    G1 X263.43 Y135.46 Z6.66
    G1 X267.48 Y137.55 Z6.64
    G1 X271.53 Y139.63 Z6.62
    G1 X275.58 Y141.72 Z6.6
    G1 X279.64 Y143.8 Z6.59
    G1 X283.69 Y145.88 Z6.57
    G1 X287.74 Y147.97 Z6.55
    G1 X291.79 Y150.05 Z6.53
    G1 X295.85 Y152.14 Z6.52
    G1 X299.9 Y154.22 Z6.5
    G1 X299.9 Y160.61 Z6.46
    G1 X299.9 Y166.99 Z6.42
    G1 X297.3 Y166.99 Z6.42
    G1 F7200
    G1 X297.94 Y165.92 Z6.43 E0.095 F1500
    G1 X298.59 Y164.84 Z6.43 E0.189
    G1 X299.23 Y163.77 Z6.44 E0.284
    G1 X300.35 Y162.27 Z6.45 E0.426
    G1 X301.46 Y160.76 Z6.46 E0.568
    G1 X302.3 Y159.83 Z6.46 E0.663
    G1 X303.14 Y158.91 Z6.46 E0.757
    G1 X303.98 Y157.98 Z6.47 E0.852
    G1 X304.91 Y157.14 Z6.47 E0.947
    G1 X305.83 Y156.3 Z6.48 E1.042
    G1 X306.76 Y155.46 Z6.48 E1.137
    G1 X308.27 Y154.35 Z6.49 E1.279
    G1 X309.77 Y153.23 Z6.49 E1.421
    G1 X310.84 Y152.59 Z6.49 E1.516
    G1 X311.92 Y151.94 Z6.5 E1.61
    G1 X312.99 Y151.3 Z6.5 E1.705
    G1 X314.69 Y150.5 Z6.5 E1.847
    G1 X316.38 Y149.7 Z6.5 E1.989
    G1 X317.56 Y149.28 Z6.51 E2.084
    G1 X318.73 Y148.85 Z6.51 E2.179
    G1 X319.91 Y148.43 Z6.51 E2.274
    G1 X321.73 Y147.98 Z6.51 E2.416
    G1 X323.54 Y147.52 Z6.51 E2.558
    G1 X324.78 Y147.34 Z6.51 E2.653
    G1 X326.01 Y147.15 Z6.51 E2.747
    G1 X327.25 Y146.97 Z6.51 E2.842
    G1 X328.5 Y146.91 Z6.51 E2.937
    G1 X329.75 Y146.85 Z6.51 E3.031
    G1 X331 Y146.79 Z6.5 E3.126
    G1 X332.25 Y146.85 Z6.5 E3.221

    Obviously not all of it but I just grabbed what I thought was important.

    This is the output from MatterControl as it started to print....'

    ok 1
    ok 1
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G92 E0
    ok 1
    ok 1
    ok 1
    ok 1
    G1 X4.38 Y30.63 Z24.85 F5400
    ok 1
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    G1 X3.75 Y26.25 Z22.42
    ok 1
    G1 X3.13 Y21.88 Z19.98
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X2.5 Y17.5 Z17.55
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X1.88 Y13.13 Z15.11
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X1.25 Y8.75 Z12.68
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X0.63 Y4.38 Z10.24
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X0 Y0 Z7.81
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X9.21 Y36.7 Z27.27
    X:5.00 Y:35.00 Z:27.290 E:0.0000
    ok 1
    G1 X13.43 Y38.41 Z27.26
    ok 1
    G1 X17.64 Y40.11 Z27.24
    ok 1
    G1 X21.85 Y41.81 Z27.22
    ok 1
    G1 X26.06 Y43.52 Z27.21
    ok 1
    G1 X30.28 Y45.22 Z27.19
    ok 1
    G1 X34.49 Y46.92 Z27.18
    ok 1
    G1 X38.7 Y48.63 Z27.16
    ok 1
    G1 X42.92 Y50.33 Z27.15
    ok 1
    G1 X47.13 Y52.03 Z27.13
    ok 1
    G1 X51.34 Y53.73 Z27.12
    ok 1
    G1 X55.55 Y55.44 Z27.1
    ok 1
    G1 X59.77 Y57.14 Z27.08
    ok 1
    G1 X63.98 Y58.84 Z27.07
    ok 1
    G1 X68.19 Y60.55 Z27.05
    ok 1
    G1 X72.41 Y62.25 Z27.04
    ok 1
    G1 X76.62 Y63.95 Z27.02
    ok 1
    G1 X80.83 Y65.66 Z27.01
    ok 1
    G1 X85.04 Y67.36 Z26.99
    ok 1
    G1 X89.26 Y69.06 Z26.98
    ok 1
    G1 X93.47 Y70.77 Z26.96
    ok 1
    G1 X97.68 Y72.47 Z26.94
    ok 1
    G1 X101.9 Y74.17 Z26.93
    ok 1
    G1 X106.11 Y75.88 Z26.91
    ok 1

  • You seem to have a couple of problems there seems to be some Z offsets stuck someplace Its software . Th Z26 and Z27 should make it print 26 and 27 mm above the plate assuming the plate is 0. If its 36 mm you still got a 10mm problem somewhere

    Here is what I would do
    Run that gcode
    G28 ; home all axes

    M104 S[temperature]

    M190 S[bed_temperature]

    M109 S[temperature]

    G92 E0
    G0 X5 Y5 Z1.2 F1800

    G1 X230 E50 Z1.2 F900
    G92 E0
    This should lay down a purge line replace the [temperature] and [bed_temperature] with the apropriate temps or ommit those lines if you set and reached the temp already - we dont want to have a cold extrusion this should dump a line 1.2 mm above the bed if you want on the last 2 lines you can change the Z1.2 to whatever. Make sure you enter those lines in the terminal of MC so it does not add the bed leveling or Z offset. It sheould echo back Ok ....
    If that works I would create a new printer and see if that helps or call MH tech support and ask how you can remove an old "stuck" Z value. The bed leveling feature of MC is nice to have otherwise I'd say try SLIC3R or cura and set up a custom profile there

    HTH Martin

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