Take THAT, Amazon!

  • After 21 years I closed my Amazon account. Over the last six months, thanks to Amazon Logistics they missed the 2-day Prime shipping window by several days. On top of that, I lost nearly a thousand bucks in stolen packages thanks to Amazon Logistics. Requests to be de-prioritized simply meant my packages took twice as long to get here, again missing the point of paying into Prime.

    MatterHackers shipped my material via USPS, it arrived in three days. Intact. Mail delivery person (Wendy!) put the packages inside the porch as I asked her last time we spoke.

    Oh on top of THAT, MatterHackers answered phone call to solve a minor glitch in my order, like instantly.

    So, in conclusion... I'd rather pay slightly more to get my material if it means it arrives within a reasonable timeframe.

    Good work, MatterHackers team. Thank you!

    Max Mcgrumpy

  • MatterHackers

    Thank you for the kind words. We work hard to make them true for all our customers.

  • MatterHackers

    @cannotcontainspaces said in Take THAT, Amazon!:

    o, in conclusion... I'd rather pay slightly more


    On behalf of my team, thank you!

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