MH Tough PLA?

  • Any opinions on this product line?
    Colors look strong but MHs does not offer sample packs. ☹

  • I'd love to know that too. Like how is its impact resistance and layer adhesion. What does it compare too? is it more durable than ABS? HIPS? PETG? NYLON? etc

  • MatterHackers

    I am working on the TDS now but some of the results we have gotten from the testing are as follows:

    Glass transition: 55-60c
    Tensile Yield PSI: 9500
    Notched IZod impact: 40J/m
    Flexural Strength: 18300
    Flexural Modulus: 646000
    Heat distortion temp: 144c @66PSI

    The full TDS will be available on the website in the future.

  • If you have the info I'd be interested in
    A.) How does it compare on mechanical parts to PETG if you anneal it and what is the temp resistance if you do or hotprint it
    B.) How does it survive as a gear. We use mostly Bridge, CX12 and 910 (in order of volume) Nylon is great but under high torque sometimes has too much give (910 the least CX12 almost as good) advantage of Nylon is too that it is slippery. PLA has less give but not all PLA's are equal. We have access to a makerbot replicator and in a 200rpm test after 2 min the teeth were pretty much ground off using Makerbot PLA. Using MH BUILD PLA it "lived" for about 6 min before being in the same state, Hobby King PLA about 7. HIPS was stopped after 15 without any visible damage and used for the whole season without visible damage (about 2hours of running) problem with HIPS is that if you get close to 1000 rpm it starts to get hot from friction and you get damage this way. Nylon we ran for extended periods at 6000 rpm so question is any idea if that PLA is better in that regards than HIPS?

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