Pulse + Mosaic Palette 2?

  • Hi all, has anyone succeeded in using the Mosaic Palette 2 with the Pulse printer? I've been looking at the Q&As in the MatterHackers shop, and I've seen conflicting answers regarding whether it's possible. Some answers say no, and some say that you could, but you'd have to run the gcode through MatterControl.

    If I can use the Pallete 2 with the Pulse, would I be able to bypass MatterControl and use the Canvas Hub/Octoprint solution to keep the Palette in sync with the printer? Or would I be limited to the split-file solution where I load gcode into the Palette and into the printer separately?

    If it helps, I have a recent custom-built Pulse (I don't have the model number handy, but it just arrived this week, so it should be whatever's newest), and I don't own the Palette yet. Just doing my due diligence before I buy one.


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    So, we have gotten the Palette 2 to work with the Pulse, the results have been rough but for the most part, we can get it to work. We currently use MatterControl and split the file over to the Palette to begin the print and prime the printer with spliced material. As far as using Octoprint, this is not something we have or likely will test with.

    The Pulse does not require the use of MatterControl for printing as it reads G-Code, so if you wanted to set it all up then the Palette should work, at that point, it is just a lot of calibration.

    My thoughts on it are that new users should take it slow and not throw too many variables into the mix just yet. Printers can be surprisingly difficult machines to work with and tend to have minds of their own.

  • Thanks, @michael-petitclerc, this is super helpful! One more question: what do you mean when you say "split the file over to the Mosaic"? Do you mean via SD cards, or via USB? (Maybe this is just me not knowing how the Mosaic coordinates gcode with the printer.)

    In terms of Octoprint, I just mention it because I've read that the Mosaic Canvas Hub runs some variant of it, with Mosaic's own plugins.

    Anyway, your point about not rushing things is a point well taken. I'm not new to 3D printing, but I am new to the Pulse and the MatterHackers ecosystem, so I'll definitely be taking some time to get my new printer set up and dialed in before I add more complexity.

    Thanks again!

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    So the way the Palette works is that you load up the G-Code to their slicer and it will make all the necessary actions for the model. From there it spits out a new G-Code that you would load onto both the printer and Palette, the Palette will preload a length of like 1 meter of filament and keep that buffer. The printer will then run the new G-Code ignoring any command it does not recognize (all the Palette code).

    At least that was what I recall it doing, for all I know it could be magic gerbils!

  • @michael-petitclerc Thanks again, this makes a lot of sense. I think I had some initial misunderstanding about how the Palette keeps the printer in sync with the filament splices it's producing.

    If I end up ordering a Palette, I fully anticipate having to feed the magic gerbils before each print! 😂

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